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  1. @Davi - nice list of pros/cons for hand-coded vs. Animate CC. I'm going to share that with our team here. Couldn't agree more on masking and complex animations (think "organic" movement that requires lots of subtle tweaking) - it's just so much faster when you can visually adjust it in realtime. For example, I made this in Animate; I don't think I could even mimic that animation using GSAP Custom Ease, which wasn't available at the time. Some of the issues I had with Animate were things like: some ad servers don't accept sprite sheets being referenced with JSON objects, which Animate generates (I think they changed this in 2017?) remembering to check/uncheck the "overwrite html on publish" button at various points during the workflow the very crappy built-in code editor I tried to follow Cory Hudson's tutorial for setting up templates, but it just got messy, and I abandoned it partway through. I might have to take a crack at that again.