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  1. Hi, recently in one of my projects I noticed a bug when creating a full-page draggable element with a form input field. On Android (HTC ONE X, Nexus 5 tested) default browser behaviour is to focus on the form field, when your whole page is a draggable container it fails to do so and causes strange behaviour. I tried recreating this in my Codepen. Steps to follow: - Scroll down - Click the input field Expected bug behaviour: - Focus is not on form field Devices tested: - HTC ONE X - Nexus 5 Since codepen zooms in, you can zoom out by pinching on the footer (You will see that the focus is not on the field) Greetings, Martijn EDIT: Accidentally overwrote the codepen, here's the original one http://codepen.io/MartijnWelker/pen/YXWJQg