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  1. Hi Jonathan, Thanks for your help. But, I probably should have clarified this more. The text I need targeted could be anywhere in the sentence and will basically be generated randomly. So, just targeting the 8th word or something like that wouldn't work for me. Is there a way to do it so regardless of where the targeted-word is, it will be highlighted red?
  2. I want to highlight a particular word within the splittext a different color. I'm tying to use a class to target that word, but SplitText doesn't seem to recognize it. How would I get the class to be recognized? Thanks, Elandril
  3. Thanks Jonah! How exactly did you implement it into your app - meaning what file did you put it in, etc? I'm using 'yo' to scaffold my backbone.js app so just wondering the best place to add this config file (p.s. I'm a newb to backbone.js too) Thanks!
  4. Thanks guys I'll take a look at that and will apply a loop to it!
  5. So, I was trying to implement Fancy's rotation approach found here: http://codepen.io/MAW/pen/doPLME. But, it only every applies to one object. How can I get all objects to rotate when a user selects that object and pulls it around, if that makes sense? Also, I've been having trouble deleting an object and thought something Draggable.disable() or something would work but doesn't seem to. Thanks for your help - I'm a total newb to greensock so its much appreciated!
  6. Hi, What is the best way to create a draggable that is setup like a seating chart in the image I have attached (i.e. where the rows are curved etc.)? Thanks for your help!