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  1. I'm using javascript split function to create typewriter effect. I tryed documenaton but i really didn't stumble upon similar thing I'm asking. Is there any way to use gsap animation on every letter i pull fom text?


      var x = "Some random text"
        function typer©{
            $.each(c.split(""), function(i, letter){
               $('body').html($('body').html() + i + letter);
  2. I have one question, I'm trying to make Ajax call with some tween animation on successes.

    tl = new TimelineMax();
              tl.to(".content", 2, {top:"-100%"} )
              .to(".content", 2, {top:"0%"})

    after first     tl.to(".content", 2, {top:"-100%"} ) i want to do $("content").html(data) but it puts data right away i tried delay i tried callback all the same. Any workaround?

    I tryed reading docs and still i didn't get it.

  3. I was wondering is there any chance, to do animation and to be responsive on window re size, change, anything really?

    I tried % based animation but 50% of wide and small screen doesn't land object in the same place?