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  1. shenning's post in .updateTo() has no effect on TimelineMax.restart() was marked as the answer   
    I didnt get the point with CSS Plugin due to given example on documentation handles straight the x-position.
    Nevertheless I got it to work by manipulating the attributes of the vars object.
    I changed the tweening method from to() to fromTo() In order to be able to adapt the starting values as well.
    Finally I ended up in the following code
    for(var key in this.oTweenElement) { //I) set FROM if given if(this.oTweenElement[key].tween.vars.startAt!==undefined) { this.oTweenElement[key].tween.vars.startAt.x=iXFrom; } //II) set TO dependend of status if(true===this.oTweenElement[key].tween._initted) { this.oTweenElement[key].tween.vars.css.x=iXTo; } else { this.oTweenElement[key].tween.vars.x=iXTo; } } Thanks a lot!