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  1. Thanks Cassie. It is great you like it. There will be more to come soon.
  2. Ok. Sorry for the trouble. Lazyloads. WPRocket, wordpress plugin. Gsap is back. Thanks!!
  3. if you to the site look at the "In the forest". It has a link to code where you can see the animation working : https://codepen.io/imaginatica/pen/xxEezPg
  4. Hello, I have a site where I experiment with gsap. It always work ok. Yesterday I wanted to show to someone these experiments and they are not working anymore. I thought was this person old Mac computer but back home it doesn't work neither on may MAc Laptop nor IMac . Something to do with the new gsap version ? I just changed in my html file gsap 3.6 to 3.7 but not still dead. Thanks for any help. Sergio the site : https://www.motion.experiments.imaginatica.com/
  5. Yes you are right. I was not loading SplitText correcty. It took me a walk on the beach (cold and windy) to see my error. Thanks a lot !
  6. I have ScrollTrigger workin in my site. You don't need to register ScrollTrigger...
  7. I have pretty much the same problem. I wonder if the problem is not from the gsap.registerPlugin... Gsap and the plugin "SplitText" are charged. But it keeps sayin, when loading the custom animation js file that SplitText is not defined...
  8. Oh no no no ! I'll kill myself - out of the cliffs !!! Joking... You saved my mental life ! Thanks.
  9. I just sent it by WeTransfer. Thanks
  10. Ok, I'll do that thanks. It is just a test file I created after it didn't work on my real project. Thanks for trying. I send the zip right away. As subject I'll put : Problems with registerPlugin
  11. Sorry but I don't see what is going on. In attach a screenshot of my local project and my script. Maybe you can help. I keep receiving the message : CustomEase is not defined
  12. Thanks Zach I'll check it out !
  13. Hello, It is not working locally. I download GSAP 3 with bonus files from my Shockingly Green account and it still comes, I guess, with an old version of CustomEase and CustomWigle. Locally I still have the same error. There is no CustomWiggle3.min.js or CustomEase3.min.js Thanks again
  14. Hi, Well thanks, I first dowloaded from my ShockinglyGreen account. I was on a local projetct . Then I went to make a test in great Codepen and I copied the link from the Installation page in GS site. Thanks a lot. Keep safe, Sergio
  15. Hello, This is for sure a silly question.... but why is it telling me that CustomWiggle is not defined ? Thanks
  16. That is clear. Thanks PointC
  17. Hello, Can I use SpitText on a SVG text element ? Thanks
  18. Hello, I've finally succeeded to migrate Blake Bowen Modifiers path 1 exemple to getProperty. It was a problem of scope.... Thanks Jack for your help. It was great help. Here is the code of this exemple of migration from _gsTransform to getProperty to newbies : var ball = document.querySelector("#ball"); gsap.set(ball, { x: 100, y: 100 }); var getter = gsap.getProperty(ball); gsap.to(ball, { duration: 3, x: 800, y: 300, repeat: -1, yoyo: true, modifiers: { y: function(y) { var gx = getter("x"); console.log(gx); return (parseFloat(y) + Math.cos(gx / 100) * 30) + "px"; } } });
  19. Yes there is a reason. I dont want a path (fixed) animation. I will have several elements I'll animate on a X and Y axis . But to each X position I want to apply a modifier to the Y pos based on a sinus or cos curve. I want to play with Maths ! The idea comes from Blake Bowen pen, https://codepen.io/osublake/pen/rLzWNB Later I can manage to animate frequency or amplitude of theses sinus waves to give to each element it own movement. It is also un exercise for me . Thanks. I keep studying and smiling.
  20. Yes again, but still not working. I miss something. My var gx apparently is not what I think it is.... I am working on it. Thanks https://codepen.io/imaginatica/pen/YzGzZvZ
  21. Yes,it does. That's great. I've read something about that on the getProperty docs but didn't really grasp all the implications. In that way it works totally different then _gsTrasnform ? Do they really do the same thing ? Thanks a lot. I appreciated your help.
  22. Hi, I am trying to adapt Modifiers Path 1 pen of Blake Bowen to gsap3 and it is not working. I have this right now and the modifier is not working. What am I doing wrong ? Thanks for any guideline... var ball = document.querySelector("#ball"); gsap.set(ball, { x: 100, y: 100 }); let getter = gsap.getProperty(ball); var gx = getter ("x"); var gy = getter ("y"); console.log(gx); gsap.to(ball, { duration: 3, x: 800, y: 300, repeat: -1, yoyo: true, modifiers: { y: function(y) { return y + Math.cos(gx / 100) * 30; } } });
  23. Hi, that is more I want to achieve with my toucans ! Thanks Mikel. I'll check that out.
  24. Thanks again Mikel. Beautiful birds, With sound ! That is amazing ! I'll keep trying. Thanks for your interest.
  25. Thanks Mikel, Yes I could do that, but I think it is interesting to be able to animate the frequence of the sinus generated curve and make my trajectory it more dynamic, as in this pen : https://codepen.io/imaginatica/pen/JjKJPWe