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  1. Oh no no no ! I'll kill myself - out of the cliffs !!! Joking... You saved my mental life ! Thanks.
  2. I just sent it by WeTransfer. Thanks
  3. Ok, I'll do that thanks. It is just a test file I created after it didn't work on my real project. Thanks for trying. I send the zip right away. As subject I'll put : Problems with registerPlugin
  4. Sorry but I don't see what is going on. In attach a screenshot of my local project and my script. Maybe you can help. I keep receiving the message : CustomEase is not defined
  5. Thanks Zach I'll check it out !
  6. Hello, It is not working locally. I download GSAP 3 with bonus files from my Shockingly Green account and it still comes, I guess, with an old version of CustomEase and CustomWigle. Locally I still have the same error. There is no CustomWiggle3.min.js or CustomEase3.min.js Thanks again
  7. Hi, Well thanks, I first dowloaded from my ShockinglyGreen account. I was on a local projetct . Then I went to make a test in great Codepen and I copied the link from the Installation page in GS site. Thanks a lot. Keep safe, Sergio
  8. Hello, This is for sure a silly question.... but why is it telling me that CustomWiggle is not defined ? Thanks
  9. That is clear. Thanks PointC
  10. Hello, Can I use SpitText on a SVG text element ? Thanks
  11. Hello, I've finally succeeded to migrate Blake Bowen Modifiers path 1 exemple to getProperty. It was a problem of scope.... Thanks Jack for your help. It was great help. Here is the code of this exemple of migration from _gsTransform to getProperty to newbies : var ball = document.querySelector("#ball"); gsap.set(ball, { x: 100, y: 100 }); var getter = gsap.getProperty(ball); gsap.to(ball, { duration: 3, x: 800, y: 300, repeat: -1, yoyo: true, modifiers: { y: function(y) { var gx = getter("x"); console.log(gx); return
  12. Yes there is a reason. I dont want a path (fixed) animation. I will have several elements I'll animate on a X and Y axis . But to each X position I want to apply a modifier to the Y pos based on a sinus or cos curve. I want to play with Maths ! The idea comes from Blake Bowen pen, https://codepen.io/osublake/pen/rLzWNB Later I can manage to animate frequency or amplitude of theses sinus waves to give to each element it own movement. It is also un exercise for me . Thanks. I keep studying and smiling.
  13. Yes again, but still not working. I miss something. My var gx apparently is not what I think it is.... I am working on it. Thanks https://codepen.io/imaginatica/pen/YzGzZvZ
  14. Yes,it does. That's great. I've read something about that on the getProperty docs but didn't really grasp all the implications. In that way it works totally different then _gsTrasnform ? Do they really do the same thing ? Thanks a lot. I appreciated your help.
  15. Hi, I am trying to adapt Modifiers Path 1 pen of Blake Bowen to gsap3 and it is not working. I have this right now and the modifier is not working. What am I doing wrong ? Thanks for any guideline... var ball = document.querySelector("#ball"); gsap.set(ball, { x: 100, y: 100 }); let getter = gsap.getProperty(ball); var gx = getter ("x"); var gy = getter ("y"); console.log(gx); gsap.to(ball, { duration: 3, x: 800, y: 300, repeat: -1, yoyo: true, modifiers: { y: function(y) { return y + Math.cos(gx / 100) * 30; } } });