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  1. Thanks for the respons! The reasson I'm animating to a className is because it's easier to make a responsive site that way by using different implemented class names in different CSS-files for different sizes of the screen. Else i need to add some kind of check in my JavaScript which checks in what mode my website is, mobile or ordinary view, and I find that more complex.
  2. Hi! I have a problem where I want to Tween from an already set left and top offset ( set through Jquery and .offset({left: , top: }) ) to a specifik top and left offset set through a CSS-class, but what happens is nothing, but if I change the attribute in the CSS-file to !important then the left and top offset changes but they don't animate. Is there a way to get the Tween to work? I have modified Diaco.AWs example to show my problem. http://codepen.io/anon/pen/vOOXgB What I'm trying to do is to crate a new <DIV> and position it over a clicked element (which can be at many different places) and then animate the <DIV> to a specific position (offset left: 0, offset top: 350) regardless of the position of the clicked elements position. Best regards Fredrik Johansson, Sweden