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  1. Hi Carl, Thanks for your reply! I've noticed that demos you presented are using proxies to trigger target's rotation, but those proxies are not sub element of the target. I'd like to know that is it possible to use a trigger inside the target to make this 3d rotation happen? That means when dragging, we can make the trigger do 3d rotation along with the target.
  2. Since that draggable could be used to drag and rotate one element in 2d platform, I'm wondering that is it possible to control the element to rotate in 3d? I've found that there's a codepen http://codepen.io/MAW/pen/doPLME showing how to make one element both draggable and rotatable in 2d, but I can't find any way to expend this method to 3d rotation. I know that I can setup two sliders to control X rotation angle and Y rotation angle, but what I want most is some sort of "control point" to make the 3d rotation happen. Could you please give me some advices? Thanks!