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  1. Hi all! Is it possible to disable animations in IE8? Basically, I've got a site with a ton of animations and in IE8 it's really struggling and the site will be much better off if I disable animations. I still need the results of the animations, just no tweening. Does that make sense? Cheers, Mike
  2. Yeah that's cracked it! Could you explain what this.animation = tl; This part does please?
  3. This works great! I have another question... Is there a way to reverse all timelines except the one you're interacting with? See this demo, you can see the code I tried at the bottom. The ideal outcome would be that you click one, then you click another and the one that was clicked and animated goes back to it's original state. http://codepen.io/anon/pen/oXzdqW Thanks!
  4. Thinking about this, I bet there is a better way to do this using Timeline properly. 1. Mouseover - Assuming the stationary position is point A, play timelime to point B 2. Mouseout - reverse timeline from point B to point A 3. Click - play to point C regardless of point. So this could be anywhere between point A and B and it would just play smoothy to point C. Does that make sense? Would someone be able to help me with that, if it's a good idea of course! Thanks
  5. Hi all, I have a mouseover and a mouseout effect using TweenMax, It affects the y value. Works great. On a click event, I then use TimelineMax to animate various elements. To look right, the start of the click animation relies on the mouseover tween being in it's most complete state, with the y value at it's peak. So if you... hover leave your cursor in place and then click. It looks perfect. The issue I'm having is that if you... click quickly move your cursor away the mouseout tween appears to overwrite the y value and the colour starts to drop out of position and doesn't
  6. Hi, I have an element that is set in the CSS to 100% to start and then animates to a smaller width. I need this width to be different if the screen is smaller so I'm using a $(window).width in JavaScript to pass the desired destination width to TimelineMax. This works but I need this width to respond to changes in window width. Using $(window).resize() to try and change these widths again in the JavaScript seems overkill. Can anyone offer a more elegant solution? I can't use .from because that element must be 100% when the page loads, and I can't circumvent the delay before
  7. Hi, I have a suite of icons that I was considering doing the gradually drawn line thing to using DrawSVG. Thing is, they are all outlined SVGs, no stroke. Am I right in thinking that this won't be possible. Is there any way to convert if this is the case? See Codepen for example. Thanks!
  8. Ah! Play and reverse, of course! Thanks so much for the fix, that's working great.
  9. Hi all, New to Greensock so bear with me I've created a sidebar which is hidden, when you mouseenter the sidebar, it fires TimelineMax to animate the sidebar open. When you mouseleave it reverses that timeline. This works great. If you hover over the sidebar, even erratically, it behaves as expected. Now, I have a nav item inside the sidebar which, when clicked, fires another timeline which opens a full page subnav. I set a variable to say this subnav is open so I can keep the sidebar open. So the reverse will only run if the subnav is closed. If you hover the sidebar and c