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  1. But yea, greensock will most likely be in all my projects in the future. #tweeningForLife
  2. This project must be responsive to mobile and tablet, and the fluid nature of many elements moving around the page makes me think I should use percentages. But with some of the smaller elements being animated 1000% at times its getting a little crazy and makes me want to change to pixels. If it were you making this page responsive: http://snowtaps.com/ which would you suggest?
  3. Thank you, this is all very helpful. This is only my second project using greensock, but its just wonderful. As for the percents vs pixels, ive found that in my experience with sooo many different monitor sizes these days, percents tend to be more responsive. But i have never used x and y based positioning before so I was unaware of the fact the percents were relative to element size. Would using pixel based animations be more beneficial? Im leaning towards using pixels after the percents getting out of hand at sometimes.
  4. I updated my iOS and the issue still remains in both chrome and safari on the tablet. Ill look more into the browsers to make sure theyre up to date but they I dont see any update prompts. But yes the screen capture analogy is exactly what is happening, it scrolls the screen cap then everything jumps to where it would have animated to. What do you mean by hijacking the scroll? Im not sure if you have used scroll magic before, this is only my second time using it so im not an expert on the library. It could also have something to do with the amount of animations going on. here is the current state of the project im working on: http://snowtaps.com/ Im moving quite a few pngs around the page. I started changing my top/lefts to x/y's and havent tested it on mobile yet, but my x and y values are getting ridiculously high. it takes x:1000% for something to go to the right edge of the screen. Am I doing something wrong? im using tweenMax.fromTo in a Timeline.Max for the scenes. Let me know your thoughts, it seems odd how high the values are
  5. I am using GSAP along with a ScrollMagic plugin to time my animations using the user scroll. Everything works great on desktop, animations are smooth and look nice. But when I load the site on tablet and mobile issues start to show up. I have an iPad and a Galaxy S4, and the galaxy is performing much better than the iPad is. On scroll for the Galaxy there is a short jump at the start, past that the animations are a bit slow but work in general. When it comes to the iPad, the animations are nonexistant... on scroll everything locks up and moves for the scroll, then it seems to reload and moves everything to where they should be instantly. There is no tweening or easing happening and creates a very poor experience on tablet. Im looking for a way to improve performence on mobile / tablet and allow tweening and easing to happen at all on tablet. Thank you