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  1. Hey, i'm curious if i am not getting something. I recently tried a SVG animation using the MorphSVG plugin. I grabbed the path data with jQuery like so: var myPath = $('#myPath'). When i used the variable in the MorphSVG plugin (.to("#circle", 1, {morphSVG: myPath})), i got the following error in the console: "WARNING: invalid morph to:" but when i grabbed the variable with document.getElementbyID it worked. Now, did i miss something, or is this an error?
  2. Hey Jack, don't you think, that someone who wants to use it, will use it anyway? I see your point, but i guess everyone who really wants to use those plugins will just download them somewhere...
  3. Yeah, that was the problem. Thanks! Btw. is there a way for club members using bower with the non free plugins inside?
  4. Hey, i'm testing with the new MorphSVG. I forked a pen from GreenSock and changed it, everything working fine. Here is the result: http://codepen.io/JBusch/pen/GpxYjV If i try to reproduce it in a real life example, but the output looks totally different and i'm totally lost. The example can be viewed here http://wiederwald.de/exploring/ Would be very thankful for some help. Best regards Johannes