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  1. Do you know how long Tirpitz is? Do you know how many guns does Bismarck have? Shame on you if the answer is "no" because German Battleships is finally HERE and you can feel the fire power of these steel giants in the game. Check the banner that were made to promote German Battleships.
  2. Hi, Esam It's a good question. We are trying to use JPEG images because of their tiny weight. In most cases JPEG image using vector mask has less weight than PNG image with transparency. Even if you use TinyPNG plugin. This becomes especially important for big sizes (300x600 , 580x400 etc). As you can see our creatives require much attention to their weight because of complexity and complicated image-filled ideas.
  3. Hi, community! I have a Business Green member status and wondering if it possible to use some special features (like split text) for adwords. Google links does not provide this code but it would be really nice not to put this 7kb js file into my zip. Does you have any for advanced users?
  4. Keep pushing with inspiration materials! Tanks again. We continue to experiment with the banner acquisition and today I want to present you new-old banner-set with A GIRL. The idea was born when we saw first screenshots with women tank crew for World of Tanks. We seldom use people pictures for our banners and we had to change it so we decided to test how will people will react to it. We had to chose appropriate mechanics for users to play and we stick to the idea of crew skills & perks. The overall test results was "really good". But that was flash version. Now we present you tweenmax based HTML5 version. Please, enjoy: http://cdn2.worldoftanks.com/d_parhimovich/fbatwork/banners/wot/skills_and_perks/
  5. Hi bannerlovers! Hope you all missed our works. Here the new one... Summer time. Simply the best time of the year. You have an opportunity to go out for walking, skating, swimming etc. But what should a World of Tanks fan do, if he (or she) doesn't want to loose that "Victory feeling"? Grab your tablet/phone or notebook and bring the victory with you! Preview is here: http://cdn2.worldoftanks.com/d_parhimovich/fbatwork/banners/wot/summer_campaign/ P. S. Sorry for Russian language. We have only CIS region campaingn for this banner set.
  6. Oliver, thats awesome. Keep doing this stuff!
  7. 4X strategies are among our team's beloved games. We were super excited to know that we can be a part of the Master of Orion game revival. This is our input on this project. The banner has classic animations and is non-interactive. We tried to stick visually to the release trailer and stick to the release artwork so all the release marketing campaign to be synergistic. Enjoy banner: http://cdn2.worldoftanks.com/d_parhimovich/fbatwork/banners/moo/launch/
  8. UEFA EURO 2016 is marching through time and soon it will reach our eyes and emotions! Our development team is polishing a brand new FUN Football mode at the moment, so we can enjoy playing football while playing World of Tanks! For Publisher this is a good event to stick to, make extra PR and provide our players with DOUBLE FUN. There is our new banner-set will be blasting worldwide among other marketing activities. So, please, check it out and make sure you score a goal! Play banner: http://cdn2.worldoftanks.com/d_parhimovich/fbatwork/banners/wot/football_2016/
  9. Guys you are moving to really strong position on ads market and I love most of your ideas! Thank you all!
  10. Oliver, really nice works. Definitely love your style! I'm glad that someone else has something interesting to show and inspire others. P. S. Already looking for useful tricks in your code!
  11. What could be better than showing a game's mechanic in the banner? Especially using project's style and tone. And this is the first time we applied the same idea for both our favorite games: World of Tanks and World of Warships. WoT Sniper Sight: http://cdn2.worldoftanks.com/d_parhimovich/fbatwork/banners/wot/sniper_sight/ WoWs Sniper Sight: http://cdn2.worldoftanks.com/d_parhimovich/fbatwork/banners/wows/sniper_sight/
  12. First, thanks for notification about my broken link. It was copy-pasted from my FB@Work and I replaced it with correct one. Second, thanks for your feedback. This banner is still in QA and our team can make some changes in it. I'll try to push variable final result! Also tomorrow I'll show some more interesting stuff for all banner lovers!
  13. Hi, Carl. We used first frame as Eye Catcher for being involved in interaction. There is no result dependancies with distance bar. The only result is unexpected transition to the warship. Sorry, but I don't understand your message about Facebook. Could you give me a bit more detailed information?
  14. Hi, Oliver! Our team has a bit complicated flow: 1. idea, based on targeted audience 2. draft storyboard + interactive description 3. final storyboard design + copywrites 4. animation & programming (3-5 days) 5. QA 6. resizes design 7. resizes animation & adaptations (20 resizes only for Google Adwords) 8. resizes QA 9. texts localization (35 languages) 10. all banner resizes localization (20 * 35 = 700 banners in one set only for Google) 11. banner localizations proofreading Most of these processes are doing simultaneously with different teams. Banner localizations are automated with self-written tool (adobe air). We prefer pure canvas + JS + TweenMax because of great banner weight control, great cross-browser capabilities and good performance.
  15. Are there any fishing fans among forum users? We have something interesting for you! This banner targets special narrow audience of our potential World of Warships players such as fishing lovers. Let it be such kind of a test that will show us whether it works or doesn't. Target audience: Males, 30+, fishing is their beloved hobby Message: Hunt the ocean's biggest game P.S. Never underestimate an old man with a BOAT. http://cdn2.worldoftanks.com/d_parhimovich/fbatwork/banners/wows/fishing/
  16. Hi, banner lovers! I want to share some beautiful banner stuff from me & Wargaming.net team. We work on pure JS <canvas> and our creatives are <150 Kb weight and Google Adwords adopted. Of course we use TweenLite in our banners because we love it. Hope you enjoy this links: http://cdn2.worldoftanks.com/d_parhimovich/fbatwork/banners/wows/torpedoes/ http://cdn2.worldoftanks.com/d_parhimovich/fbatwork/banners/wot/refuel/ I you like this two just ask here in the comments for new ones and I show much more. Thanks!
  17. But unfortunately adwords does not allow this links for right now... https://yadi.sk/i/dsBOfHssm6ake
  18. Oh, just find them! May be useful for others: https://support.google.com/richmedia/answer/6307288?hl=en
  19. WoW! That is amazing news. Carl, could you give me that links for doubleclick or explain how to find them?
  20. I think that Administrators post was exactly about that! It works fine! Thanks for all
  21. I'm afraid that I could not interpretate your description to my example. Could you help me with this?
  22. Just added a codepen example. Press F12 in IE to see the console with error!
  23. Hi all! I have some strange error with ie 11 (may be earlier versions too). Here is a simple example of my code: var gfx_obj = {}; gfx_obj.r1 = 1; gfx_obj.r2 = 1; gfx_obj.r3 = 1; gfx_obj.r4 = 1; function appearGFX(num) { TweenLite.to(gfx_obj, 1.2, {["r"+ num]:5, ease: Power3.easeOut}); } appearGFX(1); So this gives me error in IE only (all other modern browsers is OK). Screenshot of error is attached. Any thoughts how to fix it?