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  1. Our team has such a problem recently. First time we has mistake when declaring banner size (width and height) and second time we exceed the limit of files in zip archive. Hope this helps.
  2. Wargaming is looking to hire an HTML5 Animator (Banners) to join the Interactive Media Team. In this role, you will create animated/interactive banners using HTML5 (JS, Canvas, Adobe Animate), resize and adapt them for various advertising platforms, and manage localization of resized/adjusted banners. The Interactive Media Team help bring new players to the Wargaming universe by delivering quality marketing digital assets: landing pages, promo web sites, animated and interactive web advertising, newsletters, and more. What you will do: — Create animated/interactive banners using HTML5 (JS, Canvas, Adobe Animate) — Resize and adapt banners according to technical specifications of different advertising platforms (Google AdWords, DoubleClick, Yandex, etc.) — Localize resized and adapted banners (30+ languages) using internal tools Requirements: — Experience creating banner ads for a variety of advertising platforms with different technical requirements — Skilled in creating complex animation, interactive features (both within the 150 kB limit) and realistic special effects (blowups, water, fire, dust) using HTML/JS/Canvas — Hands-on experience with Adobe Animate — Knowledge of browser specifics (especially IE10+) — At ease with 2D graphics (bitmap, vector); proficient in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator — Experience working with GSAP library — Portfolio — Pre-Intermediate or higher level of English Desirable: — Experience creating games using HTML5 — Knowledge of WebGL 3D — UI/UX expertise — Experience working in the games industry — Knowledge of Russian Motivating video about why we cool Our portfolio Please, apply here
  3. Hello guys! Yes this is our ad. Exactly this banner does not use any WebGL content. We checked it from our side and didn't noticed any extreme CPU usage. Yes it is a bit high but on average computer goes without any problems, slowdowns etc. The only solution I can propose is to assign somehow the priority for rendering different parts of the site. High - for game, low - for ad block. But not sure if this possible.
  4. Date 11 Dec isn't in this article. This news was from other source. And here are 2 screenshots about topics above:
  5. Hello guys! Some bad news coming from Google Adwords. "Beginning December 11, Google will no longer support HTML5 ads with clickability modified using Tap Area or Javascript ExitApi.exit()." https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/6335679?authuser=0 Also all of you can noticed that TweenMax no longer available as an asset from internal Google library. Could greensokers give any clearance to this topic? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi dear community! I know you missed new releases with HERO banners. Today I present 3 of them! Please give us feedback if you like them. 1. World Of Tanks — Take Control Animation here 2. World Of Tanks — Video 360° Animation here 3. World Of Warships — Dunkirk Collaboration Animation here Thank you!
  7. The idea behind the general banner-set is based on the idea of the TV spot where Dolph is looking for "a real man's hobby". But still we adopted it to our banner format and it turned out into the "Man up" concept. It is fun to upgrade Dolph from ciabatta baker to his "casual" action film image. Enjoy!
  8. Please, take a look here: http://blog.wg-ads.com/banner_gallery/
  9. A brand new banner to catch your attention! This banner uses a "classic" shooting mechanics but still has a fresh look because of the train as an obstacle. In terms of design we tried to use the industrial style and I hope you like it. Enjoy!
  10. Yeap! All the creatives I posted were made for Google Adwords.
  11. Thank you guys! Last two banners were animated by one team member only, but he is the best.
  12. Hello once again! I'm glad to present new banner "Defender". Enjoy!
  13. Hello colleagues! We are very proud to present our first 3D banner and we decided to share a little bit more info about it. Everything started with RnD. We were looking for the technologies that meet the requirements of our ad networks. We found out that WebGL could be used in the banner. The hardest thing was to pack everything (model & textures, animations, banner graphics) into 150 kb. It took us really long time (approx 1 month of experiments and fails). This was a perfect collaboration of our inhouse teams. Enjoy!
  14. http://blog.wg-ads.com Soon we will launch some interesting articles! For now it's portfolio only.
  15. We use pure JS canvas coding + TweenMax. So we can allow everithing (animations, realistic effects, interaction etc.) in low size budget (150 kb). Sometimes we need to convert heavy animations from Animate using createJS.
  16. Here is another cool case. Hunting season in NA starts in autumn so the team though it would be cool to set up a campaign. Luckily we had such an old banner with a deer. The only thing we had to do is to adopt it from Flash to HTML5.
  17. Hi Vitaliy, The first point is that we perform only for desktop advertising campaigns. The second is Google Adwords 150 kb limit. P.S. Thanks for your warm feedback!
  18. Hello coders! I haven't been publishing new banners for a while, it's time to solve this issue. So here is the brand new banner for ASIA region. Some facts: 1) First CUSTOM banner for ASIA 2) Banner is the part of a complex "Think tank" campaign 3) We developed special logo and style for the campaign that you can see in the banner
  19. "You shall not pass!" - tankers were screaming... Imagine the situation when you are fighting the enemy on the bridge when suddenly the bridge breaks down and there is no way out. The only thing you can do is to ram your enemy down to hell! This can be described as "ultimate physics DEMONstration". Enjoy banner here!
  20. Life of the cruisers and battleships in World of Warships is not that easy as it seems. You should constantly dodge torpedoes and air attacks. Only skilled commanders can survive till the battle end. Here is the banner that demonstrates all the challenges and remind users about the old times when brave mariners strike for their countries with pride!
  21. We continue to A\B test banner mechanics. The following asset is an interactive version of the banner to promote British Cruisers in World of Warships. London Bridge, Thames and Union Jack in front of the camera quickly set up the gloomy mood and you should be ready to destroy enemy ships in the British fog. Fire!
  22. Thank you all for your positive feedback! One more simple but interesting banner is here! This is a beautiful banner-presentation about the best things World of Tanks can offer. Please enjoy!
  23. Is it raining outside? Grab some tea and play World of Warships! British cruisers are finally here. Check out new banner from our team: http://goo.gl/bR6fmp
  24. We've got even more. Here is the brand new banner for CIS region only. Enjoy the victorious moment. Refresh this feeling - come back and play World of Tanks! Marketing info Product: World of Tanks Region: CIS Campaign type: Retention / re-engagement Targeting: WOT Players P. S. Here we tried to use SplitText and it's awesome!