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  1. Thank you @OSUblake! Also thanks for the hint about gsap.registerEase() !
  2. ...just one more question: What exactly is the difference between importing from gsap/all with destructuring vs. importing every single package from gsap, gsap/Plugin1, gsap/Plugin2 , as shown by Jack above? I am using the /all approach in many of my projects, it works fine and is less verbose, e.g.: import { gsap, CustomEase, ScrollToPlugin, Power4, Linear } from 'gsap/all'; gsap.registerPlugin(CustomEase, ScrollToPlugin); gsap.registerEase(Linear, Power4);
  3. @OSUblake you are right. I had to npm uninstall gsap --save before running npm install gsap-bonus.tgz --save again. Now I have all the files available, and it works, yayyy!
  4. I just tried copying the contents of the unpacked "package" folder manually to my node_modules/gsap folder, and voila, now it works. But this is certainly not the intended behavior, right? Maybe some issue with NPM? My npm --version: 7.5.3
  5. Hi there! I managed to get it working on codepen: https://codepen.io/hirasso/pen/QWdaNrw ...but I keep having trouble with the bonus plugin in my project. I downloaded the gsap-shockingly-green.zip from my profile and installed the file "gsap-bonus.tgz" with npm install gsap-bonus.tgz --save – but it doesn't install the bonus files in my node-modules folder. Screenshot #1: the contents of the .tgz file. Screenshot #2: the files in my node_modules "gsap" folder after running the above command. Weird...
  6. Hi there, Since this is a question about a premium plugin, I don't know how to create a test case on codepen. But maybe this is an easy fix anyway? I am trying to make use of Draggable like this: Draggable.create($element, { bounds: $wrap, edgeResistance: 0.5, type: "y,x", inertia: true, }); Here is my gsap import: import { gsap, CustomEase, ScrollToPlugin, Power4, Linear, Draggable } from 'gsap/all'; gsap.registerPlugin(CustomEase, ScrollToPlugin, Draggable); gsap.registerEase(Linear, Power4); ...it works, but is not "throwable", meaning, it stop
  7. From MDN: Since in my ./js/app/index file I have the main class and also call it from there, I thought this would be exactly what I wanted...
  8. For future reference: I posted an issue over at the parcel bundler github page: https://github.com/parcel-bundler/parcel/issues/4956
  9. Hi Jack, Thanks so much for your quick feedback! The issue was caused by my setup. I had a main index.js file, that's only purpose was to imported the main app.js, some scss and had a bit of bundler-specific code: // app code import './js/app/index'; // app scss import './scss/app.scss'; // some bundler-specific stuff if( module.hot ) { module.hot.accept(() => { window.location.reload(); }) } With the above setup, I kept getting the mentioned error when scopeHosting was enabled. I've spent an hour to get to the bottom of this, and it turns out i
  10. Hi there! I'm not sure if it's a problem with my bundler (parcel) or with gsap – I can't get parcel's scopeHoisting ( = tree shaking ) to work with gsap. It works just fine with all other libraries I use. This is what I do in my script: // GSAP in with bundler, as seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znVi89_gazE import { gsap, CustomEase, ScrollToPlugin, Power4, Linear } from 'gsap/all'; gsap.registerPlugin(CustomEase, ScrollToPlugin); gsap.registerEase(Linear, Power4); If I bundle this without tree shaking, I get no errors. But as soon as I enable it, I get this error in my conso
  11. OK, just renewed my membership, I had an outdated copy of "gsap-bonus.tgz". All good now!
  12. Hi there! I have been happily using Draggable in combination with ThrowPropsPlugin for a while, and wanted to migrate my code to the new GSAP V.3 now. I found out that the ThrowPropsPlugin has been succeeded by the InertiaPlugin – but it seems like it's not part of my premium download package (yet)? Can someone point me to a complete migration instruction? I'm using the archive "gsap-bonus.tgz" with NPM. Basically, I want to use it like seen here, but with npm and proper imports from 'gsap': https://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/zDwEk Thanks a lot!
  13. Wow Zach, things can be so simple!! This is what totally solved it for me: tweenMousePosition(newPos) { gsap.to(this.mousePos, 0.8, { x: newPos.x, y: newPos.y, onUpdate: () => this.adjustMask(), ease: "power4.out", overwrite: "auto" }); } Thanks so much for your help!!
  14. Ah, I see... in the quickSetter mouse follow example, I can see the good old dummy ease I always used back in the days: pos.x += (mouse.x - pos.x) * speed; pos.y += (mouse.y - pos.y) * speed; So no more support for GSAP's great easing functionality? I especially love `CustomEase` ...
  15. Hi Zach, thanks for your swift answer! I made a pen with gsap 2.x: https://codepen.io/hirasso/pen/yLeaYwR Basically I want the position of my mouse (or devicemotion on mobile) not to be applied immediately, but rather with gsap's great easing capabilities. I'd like to migrate this to GSAP V.3