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  1. Oops, yeah I just discovered that the target DID NOT exist so it's on me. =P my bad but thanks! However, about the "alpha" vs "opacity" situation... yes, you are right about me coming from the Flash world 150 thousand years ago but... "opacity" is a long word... like "duration"... while I respect (and will eventually comply) with your language choices, I like short words. I am sure there are tons of arguments for why opacity (the css term) or duration ("time" probably has a conflict in gsap world but I like putting "duration" as a number in the 2nd arg.) etc. Here's an example (showing my Flash beginnings). I wrote this because console.log was just too many letters for me and only takes one argument. This is specifically designed for chrome and doesn't work in Safari: function trace(){ // TO BE COMMENTED OUT ON UPLOAD var traceStr = ''; for(var i = 0; i < arguments.length; i++){ if(arguments[i] === undefined || arguments[i] === null) traceStr += arguments[i]; else traceStr += arguments[i].toString(); if(i < arguments.length - 1) traceStr += ', '; } if(new Error().stack !== undefined){ var lineNum = ((new Error()).stack.split('\n')[2]).split('/').pop().split(')')[0]; traceStr += ' <' + lineNum +'>'; } console.log("%c"+traceStr, "background:black; color: white"); }
  2. Just realized the null targets were me poorly rewriting things and forgetting old vars so totally on me. Thanks for letting me know about the oldness factor. I'll get all the newness in their now. Gracias amigo!
  3. Yeah it's the latest 3.4.4 from this link: 'https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/gsap/3.3.4/gsap.min.js' Here's the site I'm getting that error: https://mediagarbage.com/new_site/#home Thanks
  4. Anyone know why I'd get an error for using code as seemingly innocuous as this? gsap.set(navbar, {alpha:0}); I'm getting: "Invalid property alpha set to 0 Missing plugin? gsap.registerPlugin()" I did not think that was part of a special plugin set, what plugin would that be? Thanks!
  5. Just want to chime in here. I have the same problem and it's not breaking my code but I like a clean console. Just wanted to tag along until there's some answer. Thanks! B
  6. Sorry for disappearing here! I just have not had time to go back and try pulling out all the uses of GSAP2 so I haven't been able to test that. I think it sounds right but when I finally do the work I'll chime back in. Thanks for being the best gsap!
  7. I've been getting these warnings in console since I've moved to gsap3: Invalid property alpha set to 0 Missing plugin? gsap.registerPlugin() Invalid property height set to 50 Missing plugin? gsap.registerPlugin() Did something change that I am not addressing?
  8. Ahahaha that's really funny because I wrote a function called getProperty() when I was using GSAP about 1.5 years ago for that very reason - well done GSAP team (and Zach for making me aware) - thank you for this tremendous update!
  9. This is excellent news but after I swapped GSAP2 for this CDN in Studio, the piece I was working on called an error. Is "_gsTransform" no longer part of GSAP in v3 or maybe it changed?
  10. 1. I haven't used GWD in a while - is good now? 2. Is the GSAP 3 platform available in Google Studio? Thanks! GSAP is GOAT!
  11. Hey there rets85, I've been building ad banners for over a decade and it still butters my bread. You can see all my work on my now outdated website when you like: mediagarbage.com - just go to the portfolio and click on any of the ad tiles there you can see my work. I am fast, easy to communicate with, I use native methods and not plugins, and I am familiar with all the different media serving platforms like Doubleclick Studio and Sizmek etc. I currently handle all of the digital display work for Sotheby's International Realty globally as well as all of PBS programming domestically and in England. I really like the work you showed as an example and would be interested to take that project on. I already know pretty much how I would tackle it. I will email you directly about my quote. Thank you!
  12. OK thanks. I have used both now and they are both working so that's good. Thanks!
  13. So "Webkit" can be both capitalized and lower case, eh? That's unusual. Why is that?
  14. Duuuuuuude hahaha. Yes. Now I am wondering why I wasn't able to make that happen. Hmmm. If I figure out what was breaking it for me I'll chime in. Thanks a ton! GSAP 4EVAH! B
  15. MouseOver this and hold. You will see the -webkit-mask-position animate. I have not been able to do this with GSAP but I would really like to be able to.