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  1. I'm doubtful that it makes sense to incorporate all the application logic and data submission / retrieval tasks into a timeline.


    My advice is to get all the application logic built without any animation.

    After your app functions, then identify and build each animation separately.

    Trigger the animations using callbacks or events in your app.


    If you have questions about the animation aspects, let us know. Its best to provide a small demo with some basic assets in order to get the best help.



    Tq for your response, I think its possible if we call run an animation according to jquery coding. 10s in jquery can be sync with 10s of animation delay right.

  2. Hi guys, my project is to make an application like game but using GSAP(js) and combined it with Myo Thalmic. Is it possible to use GSAP? This is my sequence :

    Splash Screen > Start Page(click button) > Check User Data(determine age) > Display 10 seconds countdown while fetch data > display another 10 seconds countdown > Calculate data(gear animation/loading) > Display checking result to user(save to mysql)

    Is it possible? Which function I should use mainly? Timeline?