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  1. hmm....if anyone cares, I hacked up a stupider solution to my problem that appears to run far smoother by juggling z-index instead at the cost of loading larger amounts of assets -- http://codepen.io/anon/pen/JoqRXJ dont hate me :/
  2. i did NOT read the draggables docs...and your probably gonna hate me for this solution...but after reading through your script, and learning that the snap occurs from a division of size instead of a relation to a cell (if that makes sense) it seems you have to get the cell the hard way, and this is one of the easiest hard ways I know, of course I cheat severly to make it happen, maybe u can do better but this is my quick and dirty 3 minute band aid http://codepen.io/anon/pen/zxQKvo edit*** and, i guess considering the snap, its possible that the mouse and the snapped cell arent the same :/
  3. I have a prize wheel, i am trying to get the winning prize slot to highlight....i have tried several schemes, transit JS, full blown jquery, and now finally tweenmax...best results with tweenmax, for sure, but is this a limit that I cant expect to defeat? Im changing only opacity and rotation, not supposed to be calling draws, and so Im forced to believe that the lag happens in the switch or in the class select which im calling every tick...which is my problem i guess... I suppose the concept could use a brand new architecture from the ground up, maybe im doing something obviously dumb, maybe I can eliminate the jquery lib and get down to tweenlite and tweencss....minify....but beyond that, im out of ideas. i have seen sooo many sweet animations, this one seems trivial, but apparently its too clunky. Im open to any and all ideas. thanks so much in advance!