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  1. Does anyone have any experience making "playable ads" for Google and/or facebook? Traditionally they were made for games but my client (an online retailer) wants to create a game experience as an ad for their store. My question is: Whats the difference with this ad placement vs a richmedia ad? And is it feasible to develop for google and port it over to fb? Or are they built completely differently?
  2. @geedixThanks! I didnt even know that was possible!
  3. I've been recently building ads in animate. I used to hand code for doubleclick but im finding myself building more and more standard (adwords) ads and the amount of time I save building in animate has been too great. I am running into one issue. Retina images. A client is complaining about the resolution of the product shot. I used to be able to fix this by using 2x images. But I dont know if this can be done in Animate. Also does google adwords even support high DPI images?
  4. Just to sum up. This is an issue with Chrome and any autoplay video in any ad platform. Chrome 66.0.3 will no longer auto play video unless its muted. You need to properly mute the video (even though DCS's own template files do not do this) or else Chrome will not play the video at all.
  5. Here is the fix. in the index.html file you need to add "muted" to the video tag. <div id="video-container-0"> <video muted id="video-0"> If you want to play video with sound when the user interacts you need to turn off muted in JS creative.dom.video0.vid.play(); creative.dom.video0.vid.volume = 1.0; creative.dom.video0.vid.muted=false; Then you need to calm down your client and properly blame Google for updating Chrome and not letting their ad platform alert their users.
  6. Just confirmed with google. This is a problem with Chrome. Particularly the update occur on the latest Chrome browser Version 66.0.3. Working to see if there is a fix soon.
  7. Anyone having issues with DCS in chrome? All my banner's autoplay video is not working. Even older campaigns that have successfully run in the past. I hear Chrome stopped allowing autoplay video with sound. I wonder if studio/my code for auto play video is triggering that somehow.