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  1. Well im currently working on something i hope you guys will like it ... see how it goes Thanks for your answers by the way, im glad people are out there doing things.
  2. i dont know if you have ever had a boss that was like mine. You have 2 days to finish a project that really you need 4, so you build templates take others code to get it built quicker if you did everything from scratch you'd get fired and from what i know most developers have similar issues at least some days. when you have such tight deadlines as most developers do, you go to the resources you trust the ones you go to that you know will give you the answers you seek, like this http://www.ascii.cl/htmlcodes.htm I know what it is and what i will get. Codepens dont give you that security they are random and sometimes excellent, but its hard to find the one you want because of the differences between them, usually the code is also to complicated to just slide into your own projects. (these are my opinions granted but i know others feel the same) Now that knocks out codepens, what about other gsap resources? when you search for gsap you will get this http://greensock.com/get-started-js, its a good start yet ... no one reads something that long im sorry but its uninteresting , to much text if you are willing, you get to something i use often (that easing box) but thats only if you scroll down a fair distance. Saying that the docs are quite strong. Some people use docs if they must but they prefer alternatives - more interesting things. now the learning center has a few things and i hope it grows but its hidden away hard to find, even then it doesnt consider how people learn to well. Using this as an example var tl = new TimelineLite(); tl.to("#green", 1, {x:750}) .to("#blue", 1, {x:750}) .to("#orange", 1, {x:750}); I found this on one of the pages. right well, code is solid but most programmers like to change code to what they need... especially when in a hurry, this code ... it wouldn't be useful in a project... it's unlikely people will move 3 objects like this one after another, yes you can adjust it but then you might as well be starting from scratch, code like this should be something someone might actually use. what people need and want is something like this http://daneden.github.io/animate.css/ it's simple you get the code you understand and you get elements you need. Then you add it to you application or website. Modern developers they use the resources they have and gsap has quite a few but they are mismatched they all have good elements but are all flawed somehow, really if you combined them all you would have something truly useful. im not suggesting we do this purely by ourselves i would like some of the gsap team to get involved, They have something special here and more people need to starting using it,
  3. Ill talk to Greensock... maybe they will let me make one..?
  4. The best sort of model i can think of is unity, they have a whole game engine, community and everything with it , they have tonnes of assets UE4 similar thing but alot smaller. But these are games engines i dont know if you could do the same for a GSAP. Jquery is great for alot of things but it was never built for animation. Initially it took me a second to understand how GSAP worked but this was due to finding it hard to get the right resources and looking at all this cool animation other people have done. honestly the best solution i could think of is a website or subdomain based on sharing GSAP animations... similar thing to codepen maybe even integrate code pen in properly, then give them each their own post like a forum and a rating system , obviously that is just a quick idea but something along these sort of lines could work.
  5. I think GSAP is fairly intuitive once you know where everything goes. But the forum is under support, wouldn't it be better if it was more community centered it would get more people involved. I think a tutorial section would be nice like that. But we are GSAP people, maybe we could make one that looks better than that knockout.js haha
  6. I've been interested in GSAP for some time, I'd like to help GSAP grow. But i think there is a lack of quick tutorials or code. I've seen some people do some amazing things with GSAP but beyond documentation, there are few resources. Most of the time when web developers start new projects they just take code that works and add it to their projects adjust it a little to suit their needs. They don't want to learn how a new library works right this second even if it does look good. An example of what i mean is http://www.shanemielke.com/archives/usopen-sessions/ These are some really amazing animations but for people just starting out they can learn little from it as it is so complex, i see this sort of thing alot in the codepens that are around and in showcases. Whilst there are some tutorials and some code to get started, i think as a community we could do more. In an effort to help i created this http://www.divinitycomputing.com/gsap-javascript-buttons/ Whilst yes i just created this account, i have been using GSAP in projects for about 6 months, i've just made my new company ( i'm 19) and i'd like to put myself on the map, with GSAP i aim to do that, i consider myself a pretty decent programmer , so if you have any ideas or requests for what i might do next with GSAP, ask and ill see what i can put together, anyway thanks. Happy coding.