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  1. If i have set transform either with css og TweenMax.set - e.g. transform: translateZ(100px); can I add other transform translates/rotations/etc. and keeping the translateZ?
  2. ... answering my own problem. If I wrap it with requestAnimationFrame() it works smoothly now. http://jsfiddle.net/qGcd9/389/ If there are other suggestions on the approach I'm all ears . Also the "mousemove" performance is back in IE 11 - though there is no nesting 3d ( no transform-style: preserve-3d; )
  3. just wanted to do something similar to the Zuriels demo - I have noticed the performance is bad in MS Edge browser (FPS dips way below 30 many times). I modified to check if it was the 3d transformations - but here it runs smoothly: http://jsfiddle.net/qGcd9/388/ So I guess it is either TweenMax.set og the mouse event that chokes IE ... I mean Edge Any suggestions for a better Edge friendly approach?