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  1. Hey there, thanks for this pen as it helped me a lot to figure out the correct `y` value to translate. However I wonder, how would you refresh the value on a resize? I can see that ScrollTrigger's instance does update its `end` value but the `document.documentElement.clientHeight` is not updated as it was registered at the moment of the first initialisation only thus the translate keeps going to the same value, wether it needs to go further after resize or wether it creates an empty white space underneath the end of my content. Edit: I was wrong, the `end` is not s
  2. Thanks for the answer OSUblake Okay so in which case does the "true" statement by itself work out? Also I have no idea why but Math.PI / 2 seems to be a "natural" value.
  3. Hello everyone, I am working on a project where I mix PixiJS and GSAP to animate my canvas' content and I am encountering an issue with the BezierPlugin, more specifically its autoRotate feature. For some reason it goes crazy when I enable it. The bezier path itself is correctly respected but the Sprite (which is a car in my app) rotates a few times on itself instead of slightly turning to indicate it's following the path. The way it rotates makes me believe it might be something related to the center of origin but I can't figure out why or how to fix it (I imagine it might also be mo