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  1. Thank You @akapowl !
  2. My best test : https://codepen.io/benoitwimart/pen/zYPeMBa
  3. Hi, I don't understand how to pin two elements or if this is possible with scrollTriger. In my codepen I would like to pin ".main" and remove the white space.
  4. benoit

    Sound and Timeline

    OK I found my error ! ```repeat:1``` is 1 time + 1 repeat https://codepen.io/benoitwimart/pen/JjOYWRB?editors=1010
  5. benoit

    Sound and Timeline

    I made another pen with tl.play (left and yellow bar) VS tick (right and blue bar)… tick version is faster (maybe timeScale + progress need a tricks) ? https://codepen.io/benoitwimart/pen/JjOYbYg
  6. benoit

    Sound and Timeline

    Hi, I try to make my own player with timeline and sound butI don't know what's wrong in my codepen. Read the sound, is good in synch but seek and pause fail. In my case, I change the timeScale to make it easy to "snap" with half-note and use "progress" to "seek". The yellow circle is the open hit hat and is not good when I "seek" or "pause" the sound. Any idea, any similar tools (with sound, I know GSDEVtools) ?
  7. JS version is online : https://www.opacoise.fr/opac2022/
  8. @OSUblake thank you great PixiJS + GSAP master
  9. Hello, No question, just GSAP fanboy I've just finish this project : - Animation with GSAP and PixiJS (from SVG to json and sprite + PNG) - Export in png with PHP - And mp4 made with FFMPEG (sound is made with Ableton)
  10. function isNum(n) { return !isNaN(parseFloat(n)) && !isNaN(n - 0) } let d= "M23,80.5 C48,64.83333 73,49.16667 98,33.5 80.16667,28.5 62.33333,23.5 44.5,18.5 53.16667,49.16667 61.83333,79.83333 70.5,110.5 "; d = d.trim().replaceAll(/([A-Z])+/ig, "$1 "); d = d.replaceAll(/,/ig, " "); d = d.split(' ') let format = {"C":7,"M":3,"L":3,"V":2,"H":2,"Q":5,"Z":0}; d.forEach((e,i) => { if(!isNum(e)){ if(isNum(d[i+format[e]])) d.splice(i+format[e], 0, e); } }); Pretty Ugly
  11. Thank you @Cassie (I looked at your site last night and now you are answering my question ) I work with SVG and opentypeJS, so I need to format my path. So I will make a split regex replace swip wizzz function to deal with this.
  12. Hi, SVG/GSAP question Why the end of the d value is like this ? The "C curveTo " have 18 arguments for 6 (C x1 y1, x2 y2, x y) ? Anyway to "normalize" this?
  13. benoit

    Perlin Noise

    Slow computer 😕
  14. benoit

    Perlin Noise

    Macos last, Mac Mini. Chrome or Brave Firefox better.