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  1. JS version is online : https://www.opacoise.fr/opac2022/
  2. @OSUblake thank you great PixiJS + GSAP master
  3. Hello, No question, just GSAP fanboy I've just finish this project : - Animation with GSAP and PixiJS (from SVG to json and sprite + PNG) - Export in png with PHP - And mp4 made with FFMPEG (sound is made with Ableton)
  4. function isNum(n) { return !isNaN(parseFloat(n)) && !isNaN(n - 0) } let d= "M23,80.5 C48,64.83333 73,49.16667 98,33.5 80.16667,28.5 62.33333,23.5 44.5,18.5 53.16667,49.16667 61.83333,79.83333 70.5,110.5 "; d = d.trim().replaceAll(/([A-Z])+/ig, "$1 "); d = d.replaceAll(/,/ig, " "); d = d.split(' ') let format = {"C":7,"M":3,"L":3,"V":2,"H":2,"Q":5,"Z":0}; d.forEach((e,i) => { if(!isNum(e)){ if(isNum(d[i+format[e]])) d.splice(i+format[e], 0, e); } }); Pretty Ugly
  5. Thank you @Cassie (I looked at your site last night and now you are answering my question ) I work with SVG and opentypeJS, so I need to format my path. So I will make a split regex replace swip wizzz function to deal with this.
  6. Hi, SVG/GSAP question Why the end of the d value is like this ? The "C curveTo " have 18 arguments for 6 (C x1 y1, x2 y2, x y) ? Anyway to "normalize" this?
  7. benoit

    Perlin Noise

    Slow computer 😕
  8. benoit

    Perlin Noise

    Macos last, Mac Mini. Chrome or Brave Firefox better.
  9. benoit

    Perlin Noise

    On Brave browser : green dots are 🤪
  10. benoit

    Perlin Noise

    Hi, I use this script to get Perlin Noise https://gist.github.com/Demonstrandum/4dcebc41e54961abd0b0a1b0ecfdd97d gsap modifiers and stagger (and the pixijs in real). If you run many times the codepen, something a circle not really follow the first. Any suggestion?
  11. Hi, Close, but don't find how to get the length of a motionPath. const rawPath = MotionPathPlugin.arrayToRawPath([{x:0,y:10},{x:50,y:1000}], {curviness:2}); const d = MotionPathPlugin.rawPathToString(rawPath); console.log(DrawSVGPlugin.getLength(d)); // hum
  12. Maybe MotionPath & Pixi (I remember a codepen by Osublake).
  13. Hi, Is it possible to use pixi and modifiers plugins and how to ?
  14. So http://pixijs.download/release/docs/PIXI.Spritesheet.html and… any example ? I don't want to animate my particule.