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  1. I will try to remember this ><
  2. Is there a better way to make this, without "tl.call()" ?
  3. OK, I will make an array of TL
  4. Codepen updated with comments and result under the line…
  5. The final sub timeline will be more complexe (like Morph), but for now with the same mouvement and the same seek, positions are different.
  6. Hi, I think I do it this wrong… and it's not like expected 😕
  7. Hi, I think I did it but it's not look very smooth… Any tricks to do it better ?
  8. benoit

    HSL tween

    Hi, How can I deal with HSL tween, after RGBtoHSL I have a tween between RGB… I make an array of my colors to fixe this, but may be there something better?
  9. benoit

    drawSVG and Pixi

    May be I need to make an await function to deal with my slow svg to texture
  10. benoit

    drawSVG and Pixi

    https://codepen.io/benoitwimart/pen/JjBXXrd?editors=1111 If I understand how to deal with all ticks, I try an onUpdate on the `gsap.to()` it's not work. I can change the FPS, to view something ^^'
  11. benoit

    drawSVG and Pixi

    Hi, Is there another way to do this ? I think ```updateBoule``` is slow and ugly
  12. Thank You @akapowl !
  13. My best test : https://codepen.io/benoitwimart/pen/zYPeMBa
  14. Hi, I don't understand how to pin two elements or if this is possible with scrollTriger. In my codepen I would like to pin ".main" and remove the white space.