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  1. Hi, when looking at this codepen Locomotive Scroll with ScrollTrigger scrubbing and pinning/ There is no scroll 'data-direction="" ' up or down, if you set getDirection: true, like the code example below, it does not work! const locoScroll = new LocomotiveScroll({ el: document.querySelector(".smooth-scroll"), smooth: true, getDirection: true }); The example from https://locomotivemtl.github.io/locomotive-scroll/ has the data-direction="" within the Dom. How do you get this code to work with your codepen example? Thanks <html class="is-smooth-scroll-compatible is-loaded is-ready has-scroll-init has-scroll-smooth has-scroll-scrolling" data-direction="up" lang="en">
  2. Hi ZachSaucier, Thank you for the fix... I also have an issue with other tweens not activing when in view. Is this something to do with the Locomotive Scroll plugin? Please see code. Thanks https://codepen.io/robmarshall01/pen/abdaQBz
  3. Hi, I would like to get Locomotive Scroll to work with some parallax code and ScrollTrigger. I am using the demos Parallax scene on scroll - ScrollTrigger Locomotive Scroll with ScrollTrigger scrubbing and pinning but when I add the Locomotive Scroll, it breaks the parallax code. How do I get the parallax code to work with the Locomotive Scroll? Thanks