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  1. I finally made it ! http://codepen.io/DavidN/pen/GZbxYL I have used a ticker event listener to listen when there is a hit between my eraser and my particles TweenMax.ticker.addEventListener("tick", hitDetection); and the hitTest function //simple overlap test if (Draggable.hitTest(element1, element2)) { //do stuff } If you have an idea to improve the code, please tell me. Thanks.
  2. Thanks a lot for your help guys. It's a bit more complicate than I expected ! I will try it soon. I will let know know if I make it !
  3. Hi, First, sorry for my english, I am french. I made some particles, and I want to erase them with an eraser. There is no draggable element, the eraser moves by himself automatically (with a bezier path). I want the particles under the eraser to disappear. I am trying to use the HitTest() function but i cannot figure out to use it without a draggable element. Thanks for your help. David.