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  1. Johnathon, Thanks for your reply. The exciting thing about learning GSAP are all the little nuances that make up a successful animation. Yesterday, I had been able to create a (somewhat) similar animation using a background sprite sheet and: ease: SteppedEase.config(3); However, I much prefer the effect that autoAlpha produces. Thanks again for the explanation. So much to absorb! Baby steps.
  2. Hello, I'm attempting to display a matrix of four square shapes in a sequential, clock-wise manner. These should animate using autoAlpha in a smooth "pinwheel" fashion. My issue is that - after the first run-through of the timeline - all four squares disregard the CSS "visibility: hidden" declaration. They all display briefly in an unwanted "flash" that disrupts the smooth continual flow. This is merely a learning exercise for me... a gentle nudge in the right direction would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. I'm a JavaScript AND GSAP newb. However, years ago I did a lot of After Effects 2d and Electric Image 3d animation for video so do know a fair bit about motion graphics. Highly recommend "Step-by-Step Training". The tutorials are short but extremely informative. The graphics are well done and the writing style is breezy without being condescending. A must-have if just getting into motion graphics in the browser. The only down side is that I can not find a resource for Workbook assistance when stuck. I assigned myself the task of working through the exercises without using jQuery as a dependency -- primarily because I'm teaching myself JS as well. If anyone has a tip on where to seek assistance, I'd appreciate the lead. Perhaps in this very forum since I now know that the author is a forum Administrator? There is a section in the starfields promo that is driving me crazy!