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  1. I think it would be better if you use fullPage.js for this. It will toggle "is-active" whenever you're in the current section. With that "is-active" class, you can simply animate the content with CSS.
  2. Hi there, I've completed a project with GSAP + Barba.js before. Here it is: https://hyphenco.com Here's another project I did that has many scroll-based animations https://www.overlapassociates.com I can do unconventional animations based on your needs. Please email me about the details to balapa95@gmai.com Looking forward to hearing from you, Bhakti
  3. Hey Ryan, I'm an experienced gsap developer. I've been using gsap for over 4 years. Please check my portfolio at : sumatrastudio.com/projects/ You can also see my pens on codepen : http://codepen.io/balapa Looking forward to hearing from you, Bhakti
  4. Awesome, this is a ScrollMagic-killer!