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  1. Just tested on iPad Air running latest iOS and Safari and was easily able to reproduce the same bug. UPDATE 1: I have not been able to reproduce the bug on the Draggable example on (http://greensock.com/draggable) on the same devices. I can get it to drop the drag element without triggering any events but it doesn't break all draggable elements (as in you can just press and drag it again). UPDATE 2: I am using e.stopImmediatePropagation() in my onPress and onDragEnd functions. When I remove this it functions exactly the same as the Draggable example on (http://greensock.com/dr
  2. Thanks Jack. I don't have the device on me now so I can check exact versions but for me it was happening on a Nexus 7 running Android Lollipop, current Chrome version off Google Play store as of 8/05/15 and also inside a Crosswalk project (crosswalk-project.org) running the Canary release version 14.43.341.0. I am also using Hammer.js 2.0.4 in the project and that's the only other thing I can think of that may be messing with things. EDIT: Device: Nexus 7 running Android 5.1.0 Chrome version: 42.0.2311.111
  3. Any updates on this? I am experiencing the same issue.
  4. With TweenLite.set(...{force3D:true}) will setting the opposite, TweenLite.set(...{force3D:false}) remove it from a composite layer straight away, on next tween or not at all? I need that sort of control otherwise GPU Memory will be an issue. I will try adjusting the lagSmoothing. Would the process be something like: * set TweenMax.lagSmoothing(300, 33); * init and start animation Timeline and then set it back to default on onStart, onComplete or would somewhere else be better suited? EDIT: Using TweenMax.lagSmoothing(40,17); seems to be working quite well. Are these settings too
  5. Hey, I am currently working on a project that requires full page transitions. As an example pages are div elements that are approximately 1024x600 in size and contain content. Pages slide in and out from left to right (emulating the ebook feel). At the moment the page change/transition process goes like this: * Page in view has visibility 'visible' and willChange '' set * set willChange 'transform' on outgoing page *Slide outgoing page out of view * set visibility 'hidden' and willChange '' on outgoing element after animation finished * set visibility 'visible' and willChange 'transform'