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    HTML5 Masking

    Hi Craig, Thx very much for Your reply. I already red the post You refer to. (like I said, I've done my detective work and I don't just post here to avoid doing that). Look at it this way (suggestively speaking): It seems a lot of users (and possibly potential users) are looking for a solution to the problem? Why not let them find it here, if there is one? Let me rephrase maybe: Although the underlying masking problem might be more directly related to CSS/HTML5 and the DOM - there is almost always some sort of tween involved in this effect. Would any of you Greensock experts be kind and helpful enough to provide an example that shows a potential solution where the tweening bits are done with the Greensock libraries? If there is a solution - refer to the first post for conditions to this - i am pretty sure it would help alot of users to get this. Here.. In the Greensock forum.. If not, an explanation to "why not" would help as a possible assurance in regards to potential clients asking this particular effect. (I do however, understand the need to be "principle" in forums - so if you disagree in my logics it's fine, it really is - I am not here for the debate, I am here for the solution! Just delete the post or whatever, and thx again) Most sincerely /S
  2. Kanst

    HTML5 Masking

    Hi Guys, (and thx for the forum and thx in general to Greensock) I need a simple reveal/masking "trick"? I call it a trick, because i dont belive that there is a direct method for it in CSS/HTML5. I call it simple, 'cause i need it basically in it's simplest form. So: - 2 layers that are interconnected (div's or img's or whatever) - Layer 1 is invisible and controls what is shown of the 2nd layer. - Layer 1 can be animated. (Basic masking - like in the old and very much simpler Flash days ) Anyone figured this out? I see a lot of SVG masking discussed, but thats not what i need in this case. (so please dont refer me to those threads, im pretty sure i have investigated anything within reason for an explanation) Also, please no -webkit stuff. It needs to be solid across browsers. Hope that You guys can help an old time Greensock user out. Thx in advance /Simon
  3. Hi Guys, Thanks a lot for the inputs! - It fixed the Chrome issue! - But unfortunately the problem persists in IE Anyone have an answer/explanation for this? Oh.. and for anyone working in Edge, this is the code for the Composition Ready: var stage=document.getElementById("Stage"); sym.$("stage").css("-webkit-backface-visibility","hidden"); sym.$("stage").css("-webkit-perspective","1000px"); Thx again. /Simon
  4. Hi Greensock Forum, Within the last week, somehting caused my elasitic animations to be "glitchy" in Chrome and IE. It works fine and is still smooth in Safari. Sample animation code snip from timeline : .from(p1, 1.3, {autoAlpha: 0, scale:.1, ease:Elastic.easeOut.config(1, .5)}, .7) (any .png image i animate like this gets a unsmooth transition/animation in the named browsers now.. used to be smooth only a week ago!? and as stated, it still is in Safari..) Info CDN link used: <script src="http://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/gsap/latest/TweenMax.min.js"></script Chrome version: Version 53.0.2785.116 m SAMLE: http://www.tubatuba.dk/ADTOMIC/DORO2/V1/DORO_ADFORM_ENGLISH_980x240.html Anyone else getting this problem? Can't seem to find any info on recent Chrome updates (that makes sense anyways) Any help will be much appreciated, Thank You in advance. /simon