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  1. Hey there, I came across this site from awwwards, quite like the animation. wondering if this can be done in gsap library. http://www.lespetitesculottees.com/#!en/product/la-blue-monday The way i was thinking to achieve this is to animate each of the element based on scroll position, but this will result a blank space at the bottom of the page, as the whole element shift up to its y position. Most element in example site will remain it position. Any help to point me to the right direction would be appreciated. TweenMax.to ("#text1", 1.2, {ease: Power1.easeInOut, y: -parseInt($(window).scrollTop()/1.4)} ); TweenMax.to ("#text2", 1.4, {ease: Power1.easeInOut, y: -parseInt($(window).scrollTop()/1.4)} ); .... .... Many thanks
  2. Thank you so much for your detailed explanation, it makes much more sense to me know =D
  3. Hi there, I am super amazed with greensock library, thanks for creating such an awesome library. Trying to create basic button click / slide down animation. Example shown in codepen, for the first time when I click on open and close button it works without any issue, but its stop working when I try to click on the button again, anyone have ideas where I did wrong and point me to the right direction. Thanks in advanced.