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  1. Hi, I'm having some issues with some simple rotation animations in all browsers. They are inconsistently choppy and I do not understand why. I have done significantly more complex animations on other sites without any trouble, so I'm just puzzled as to what the issue is. You can view the animations here: http://guzu.looseygooseyart.com/home.php I am referring to the section that shows a box closing it's doors and then sliding off. At times it runs perfect and others not so perfect. My javascript for the animation is as follows: function Close_Doors(){ var anim_rotation = 135, anim_duration = 0.35, anim_easing = Power1.easeIn, anim_delay = 2.05; TweenMax.to('#left_door', anim_duration, { rotation:anim_rotation, transformOrigin:"bottom right", ease:anim_easing, delay:anim_delay, force3D:true }); TweenMax.to('#right_door', anim_duration, { rotation:-(anim_rotation), transformOrigin:"bottom left", ease:anim_easing, delay:anim_delay, force3D:true }); TweenMax.to('.package', 2, { delay:2.8, x:1000, ease:anim_easing, force3D:true }); } As you can see I am forcing 3d acceleration, which seems to be the "go to" solution throughout the forums.