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  1. Great thank you all for answering my question and providing a solution. I can now proceed with my project. 👍
  2. When I use set() after addPause() in a timeline, the set() takes effect after the previous tween and does not wait for a resume. Is there a reason why set() is being executed after the previous tween, (the immediateRender is false by default in this case, as far as I know), even though I have 'addPause()' ? const t = gsap.timeline(); t.to(".box", { x: 200, duration: 2}); t.addPause() t.set(".box", { backgroundColor: "red"}); // Does not wait until resume/play is called t.to(".box", { x: 10, duration:2 }); t.play();
  3. Thanks Carl. If I use a private GitHub repo and publish a website using GitHub pages (https://pages.github.com/), am I permitted to use the premium plugins?
  4. Ok, I admit it. I never bothered reading the license terms. I figured I would ask first. What are my options if I want to use SplitText plugin in an open source project on GitHub?