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  1. It's not working that way. I have tried. You can see here: The background is not showing up when you scroll through the contents.
  2. Hi, Sorry if my description is not clear. I want a moving sky which is positioned fixed. The contents of it can be scroll down, but the infinite moving sky should remain in the same position. Imagine like texts moving on a video. So the video playing in background and texts over it can move independently. Hope that helps.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I am looking for this: The background is limited to the div. When the content is long, it doesn't show up. I want to make the background fixed and the loop will keep going on and text can be scrollable. Just like a CSS background-attachment: fixed; do but with animated background.
  4. Hi, Can the animated background be created differently? The animation loop is not smooth. After a while, it resets with a shake. I want to make the sky fixed in its position and scroll only the floating parachutes with Micky. Suppose there will be about 100 Micky mouse. Can't able to make the clouds fixed. Thanks in advance!
  5. Perfect. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks @kez1304
  6. Hi Guys, I am trying to make the yoyo animation to loop infinite time with some pause. Like it will shake about 5 times then pause for 2 sec and then repeat shaking. Is it possible? Thanks
  7. Thanks for the guide! It's exactly what I was looking for.
  8. How can I make a repeat animation with simple bouncing ball. No move forward or change pace. Juts simple repeat unlimited bounce animation. Example: http://yazarlikyazilimi.meb.gov.tr/Materyal/bolu/Kasim2008/teachinggrammar/images/BALL.gif