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  1. Hello Rodrigo , i already know you from here thanks for your fast answer, i got to admit that i don't even know what i wanted to solved in the first time, because everything is so blurry to me speaking code. So i'll focus on one element: ".nav-cd-trigger" is linked to $('.cd-nav-trigger').click(function(){ TweenMax.set(".stag", {clearProps:"all"}) TweenMax.staggerFrom('.stag', 2, {alpha:0, yPercent:-100, scale:0.4, force3D:false, ease:Elastic.easeOut},0.2); }) When i first brainstormed my menu animation from scratch from infos gathered in the documentation i tried to use the re
  2. Hello and thanks and congratulation for this amazing tool. Newbies here, i only know few basics about javascript/jquery but managed -thanks to the extensive documentation and active community- to do what i wanted to do: animate a menu. However i surely haven't done it the cleanest way possible that's for sure, because i collected informations from topics to topics and melted all possible junk of codes in an experimental mix of javascript/jquery.(Soon MIT Licensed). Here is a codepen, there is missing css style so its not particulary pleasant to watch but this is working: http://co