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  1. No it was desktop application not silverlight.
  2. I would like to add more in case it helps you. Few years ago I was working on WPF project which is heavy on resources. So if I ever use a objects with transparency or drop shadows, my application would flicker. At the time I was using AMD cpu which was basically main culprit. I have never used projector so not sure if that can be an issue but try using different PC with better hardware, it most probably will work.
  3. Tried it in 1024x768 resolution, I don't notice any lines. My guess is hardware issue, have you tried it on different PC?
  4. Ya I was messing with velocity but you saved me when you posted your demo. I don't know if you remember but more than a year ago I had contacted you saying I would like to learn from you, but after that I had been out of touch. Now I am getting back to it and have decided to learn it so I can do some fun stuff.
  5. Thanks Blake that is perfect. I did manage to do what I wanted but you know I wanted to do more. So decided to use throwProps but it was headache as I had no experience with throwPropsPlugin. I learned a lot from your demos and thanks for new demo.
  6. Well I gave up on using throwProps, I couldn't get slides to snap to original position. I haven't really used throwProps until today so I guess I will need to spend some time practicing it to really understand what is going on. I decided to just slide based on if user keeps dragging or cancels in the middle.
  7. Hi, I have come far enough with what I wanted to do for carousal effect. Initially wasn't using throwProps plugin but I decided to use it. Following is the snippet that controls snap function snapX(x){ console.log(Math.round(x / boxWidth) * boxWidth); return Math.round(x / boxWidth) * boxWidth; } The issue is, on resize slides start snapping at wrong place. This is the first time I am using ThrowProps and snap. From what I have found so far, the snap doens't update on resize and it keeps referencing previous boxWidth. And once you drag it, then on second drag it starts referencing newly calculated value on resize. Steps to reproduce, Case 1: 1. Load page. 2. Drag slider. 3. Resize window. 4. Drag slider again and it won't snap normally. 5. Let slides auto slide. 6. Drag again and it will snap like normal. Case 2: 1. Reload page or let it snap normally. 2. Drag slider and let it slide normally. 3. Resize window. 4. Let it slide normally and it will slide as if nothing is wrong. 5. Now drag and it will snap incorrectly. 6. Now let it slide automatically. 7. Now drag again and you will see that it snaps correctly. Both of cases tell me that draggable only updates snap on dragging. Is it possible to update snap? Or any other solution that will just update Draggable instance so it will snap correctly?
  8. Do you want to get progress of timeline? You can use 'tl.progress()' to get progress or same can be done with tweens.
  9. Have you checked tutorial about GSAP timeline, I think it will help you.
  10. Sorry but why does your blocks creepily crawl in middle like bugs? Is that intended behavior?
  11. @timdt can you instead post drawings of what you are doing? I looked at your question yesterday it sounded very simple but when I looked at your pen you are using too many tweens for something that sounds very simple. I think you will get answer a lot quicker if you post mockups at different time frame.
  12. Hi Blake, Finally I managed to do it. Answer was right in front of me, it is combination of both of your pens. This time my solution uses your magic methods but may not be as elegant as your coding methods. So on update I just updated xPercent and on release the slides animate based on modulus of percentage. You maybe wondering why I am avoiding using your original demo, well when I converted it into responsive slider it worked but on resize it would stay stuck based on boxWidth of previous window size and that method only uses easeNone so I was avoiding it in case I decide to use any other ease. Let me know what do you think. And thanks a lot for your help.
  13. I will see if I can adapt it. When do you even sleep? You have been interacting with me all day as if you are living in India.
  14. I updated my demo, now it works perfectly with one issue of some slides flashing briefly when dragged too far. If that can be resolved then it will be perfect, still I am satisfied with result. Please let me know if I can improve it any way. Thanks.
  15. Hi Blake, Thanks for helping me out. I went ahead and updated my demo further, I was able to wrap elements. I didn't use magical methods like you do, I basically calculated this.x plus the distance each element traveled in either direction and updated their xPercent to lowest or highest. It works as I would like, I will just clean up my code and update the demo.
  16. Thanks Blake, I will go through it and see if I can modify it to wrap while dragging.
  17. Thanks Blake, I decided to use your other pen and have posted another question. It is responsive and draggable, I just need some help with wrapping calculation and wrapping while dragging. EDIT: I was able to make it responsive but couldn't convert it into autoplay as you have used single Tween so I wasn't sure if tweens can be tweened partially so decided to use other pen.
  18. Here is the pen that I was talking about, it will will be perfect if you don't want to it to autoplay. Here is another Pen by Blake which isn't draggable And here is fork of Blake's pen that I am working on to convert it into draggable.
  19. Hi, At the moment I am working on a infinite carousal which can be dragged as well. I was able to add draggable functionality to Blake's pen but how can I duplicate modifier's wrapping behaviour for draggable? So the entire carousal is in xPercent and draggable updates x while dragging. Also, Can someone explain calculation done here? function wrapPartial(min, max){ var r = max - min; return function(value){ var v = value - min; return ((r + v % r) % r) + min; } } I don't understand what it does exactly and where does 'value' come from. Thanks.
  20. Well I was reworking Blake's pen into something responsive and just wanted to know what does render method do, and what each parameter is for.
  21. Hi, I was going through Blake's pen where he uses render method as follows animation.render(animation.time(), false, true); In TweenLite docs there is no information about arguments and render method is missing from TweenMax docs. Can you please update the docs? NOTE: animation is TweenMax instance
  22. A quick question, I want to add and remove draggable functionality on element on resize so certain element can be dragged in mobile devices but not on destktop. What's proper way to do so?
  23. You mean entire community or just regular members? I am soon going to adopt using svgs so I am going to give it a try.