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  1. In past I used to use "power4.out", which is not big difference to "power3.out". Though I wanted option for other eases now because I am working on a carousel project with ability for customization and ability for different eases was one of the option was requirement. Also, I am using drag direction as input to change slide. If I throw and snap, then snap looks as you would normally expect but if I snap to next slide using little drag, then next slide snaps without "back" ease kind of effect so I also wanted to address this using ease option. I think I could still achieve it by using extra tweens but I wanted to keep all logic in one place. Anyway, I think it won't be possible as inertia plugin doesn't support to method. I will later check if I can intercept and mimic effect I want. Thanks
  2. Hi, Working with draggable after some long time. I wanted to use an ease on draggable in some situations but seems like it's no longer supported. I think because of inertia plugin doesn't have to method? Though I was curious if it's still possible to add support for easing? I have attached old and new reduced test case. Please let me know. Thanks, Sahil gsap 2.x https://codepen.io/Sahil89/pen/ZEaqxMz?editors=0010
  3. Dear Sahil,

    Can you please help with any poc. i am new on gsap and tweenmax i want to create a pinned scene where i will use a car tyre and that will be zoom out on scroll and car will be appear with some  animated text.


    Please help me. 

    Thanks in advance 

  4. Dear Sahil,
    Could you help me, I am new to gsap. I want to make the home page slider mouse effect same like in this below example. Please see the mouse cursor round changes to left and right arrow when user move the mouse to left and right directions on the screen. Can you please add the scripts in a codepen editor and share with me.
    Thank you in advance



  5. Your ".box" element is covered by rest of the content, so mouse never moves over it. Try setting event on ".home" or some other element that won't be covered content, ".home" is container so it should work fine. Load TweenMax(or any other library that your code depends on) before your code. The TweenMax version you are using is really old, if you want to use GSAP 2 then use version 2.1.3 or use GSAP 3. https://cdnjs.com/libraries/gsap/3.1.1
  6. Track velocity using inertia plugin , then tween to end value using inertia plugin. I am using GSAP 3 in new demo, using getProperty in place of _gsTransform. https://codepen.io/Sahil89/pen/povYRpN?editors=0010
  7. You can use cookies and trigger the mousemove event by creating jQuery's event. https://jsfiddle.net/ds6t5zec/1/ Instead of triggering event you can just set the cursors position on load so it won't animate from (0, 0). A better way would to just animate cursor in on first event, like scale it up where mouse is. That way you won't have to worry about cookies and it also takes care of how cursor animates when user visits for the first time. I had to use quickSetter method to avoid overwriting transform as it will interrupt scaling animation. https://jsfiddle.net/gpnta9oL/13/
  8. 1) You could use just tweens as it needs fewer calls. 2) Ya that won't cause any conflict as long as you aren't trying to animate same properties at the same time.
  9. I had to deal with this "issue" as well, I didn't go through entire code but for some reason ScrollMagic tries to update tween twice, then detects it as overwrite and tries to call onOverwrite method which has been removed from gsap 3. Certainly not related to GSAP and those are just warnings, you can ignore them without any issue. There are other compatibility issues, for example ScrollMagic tries to use 'Tween' object when you try to update scene duration on the fly, this gives error. You can set Tween equal to gsap directly in ScrollMagic files.
  10. Seems like GSDevtools was causing some conflict, removing it fixed the issue. https://codepen.io/Sahil89/pen/VwYWeZX
  11. With GSAP 2 it was possible to animate timeScale, https://codepen.io/Sahil89/pen/qBEjOBb?editors=0010 Same trick doesn't work with GSAP 3 https://codepen.io/Sahil89/pen/mdywJgW?editors=0010 @GreenSock has something changed with timeScale in gsap 3?
  12. Sahil


    https://codepen.io/Sahil89/pen/ExaXjmr?editors=0010 You no longer need colorProps plugin, gsap will detect color strings and animate them. From release notes There is also new utility method called splitColor that you may find useful.
  13. Use timeline where both tweens start at the same time, make rotation tween infinite. (you can use two tweens directly without timeline) https://codepen.io/Sahil89/pen/povwvMr?editors=0010
  14. https://codepen.io/Sahil89/pen/OJPmedr?editors=0010 You may want to use infinite loop like in this demo this demo and apply this logic on it instead of using such large svg, because after some idle time there is nothing to animate. hi @ZachSaucier even if I add codepen as link, it gets embedded. (second demo was supposed to be link)
  15. You have spelling mistake, try visibility tl.set("#splash", {visibility:"hidden"})