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  1. I'm very thrilled & excited to introduce my very own product, the "stomp.video", a video maker which helps you create an engaging video out of your text in just few minutes. https://stomp.video/ This product is built using GSAP. Please try it and let me know your feedback. If you really like the product, please support me by upvoting on producthunt. It will be really grateful. https://www.producthunt.com/posts/stomp-video Thank you
  2. Hi, I am really excited to showcase my new product which is built on top on GSAP mainly! (Also I found it a chance to promote my product)  Greetmas is free christmas greeting HTML template with minimal typographic animations which would be perfect for any agency (or) business to wish their visitors, clients and business partners a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 1) It's easy to use and customize 2) You can send personalized greeting link to your clients by email 3) From your webpage, the clients can send their friends, pers
  3. Hi, I am really excited to showcase my new product which is built on top on GSAP mainly! (Also I found it a chance to promote my product) Fides is an unique, essential intro teaser template with minimal typographic animations which would be perfect as landing pages for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, New Year. It is suitable for all niches and easily customizable. Following is the part of the preview of the intro. Since the file upload size is restricted, i inserted a very small portion of the intro here. To view the full intro, please click here.
  4. Hi Carl, Thanks for the feedback. Actually one needs to enter the value as 0 and then clicking on the button "I want this" will take him to the "Download page". I will put a note on the product page. Thank you Cheers, Sven.
  5. Hi, I recently launched a freebie "The First Draft" HTML Template. It's just a bunch of super minimal responsive html templates with simple animations(which uses GSAP) for you to start with. The purpose of first draft is not to get it right, but to get it written. Get your Coming soon, Personal Website, Domain For Sale, 404 page ready within minutes. Don't let your website sit blank! Start Now! Spend not more than a few minutes to get your first draft ready! Demo URL - http://svencreations.com/thefirstdraft/preview/ ProductHunt - https://www.producthunt.com/posts/the-first-d
  6. Thanks a lot for your feedback....Really valuable feedbacks... Cheers
  7. Actually the credits should go to Mnemonick . He created the intro in after effects first. I coded it in JS using GSAP. Thank you Carl and PointC.
  8. Hi, I am really excited to showcase my new product which is built on top on GSAP mainly! (Also I found it a chance to promote my product) Have you ever been fascinated by “Apple – iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in 107 seconds” advert (or) “Introducing Pixel, Phone by Google” advert? Our product is kinda similar. Stomp - A typographic Intro. https://goo.gl/nYZG8t It is a typographic intro HTML template for your product landing page, coming soon page. Just good rhythm and typography. It contains exactly 100 words. You just replace t
  9. Hi, I've just created a preloader with a handful of options(ease and other config options) to play. Just wanted to share this here. Play with it!! Thank you Cheers, Sven.
  10. Hi all, I tried creating a new preloader using GSAP. And it turns out good... I just wanted to share this here... Thank you Cheers!!!
  11. Thanks for your appreciation, OSUblake. Themeforest reviewer felt that this template doesn't offer enough flexibility for a Coming Soon template and suggested me to submit to codecanyon. I made a few modifications like adding replay, speed controls and submitted the template to codecanyon. Now, Codecanyon reviewer felt that This item is better suited for ThemeForest and suggested me to submit to themeforest.
  12. We(My Designer friend and I) tried to create a unique coming soon template using GSAP and ended with this one. Check the preview here. It got rejected by both themeforest and codecanyon. I am just trying to re-submit it in the marketplace. What do you guys think about the template?
  13. Hi Robonic, Check this codepen : http://codepen.io/anon/pen/rVGvjM Not sure it's an overkill as I splitted the text before being done by splittext and find the position of the sup, etc ... you may need expert's opinion on that.
  14. Hi OSUblake, Yeah... When I added a minimal delay of 0.05 seconds, the animation runs smooth. Thank you very much man.
  15. Hi OSUblake, Thanks, I have updated the script to the latest version. But it doesn't make any change when evernote is enabled.