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  1. That got me on the right track, thanks! Hope my solution is okay in terms of performance. There is just one little thing left How would I be able to know the proxy X for a specific slide? Eg jumping to a specific slide ... thanks in advance! https://codepen.io/value32/pen/ExKbZmN
  2. So I managed to get this to work like expected: https://codepen.io/value32/pen/ExKbZmN But how would I get the actual active SlideIndex .... ?
  3. Totally understand that 😃 My goal is to build my own gsap sliders instead of hooking on top of touch/swipe capabilities from popular slider-framework like "swiper". the main problem with the example above is that it feels slow in my opinion. while i have to over-swipe the snap area to trigger the animation other frameworks keep it simple. on a drag's end they animate to the nearest border within the direction. this give's you a super fast and "common reactive" feeling when swiping quickly. TL;DR: need no throw/inertia logic, just snap-animate immediatly onDragEnd
  4. Thanks, Zach! Didn't saw this, my bad. Unfortunately I am not getting this to work like before when alterting the slideshow example in gsap2. The first swipe is fine, after that it gets weird. I'm not super familiar with Draggable, Snapping or Wrapping. I just want the slide animation to start right after dragging ends (no snapping, no inertia etc). It would be awesome if you could look at the pen and give me a hint... Thanks alot! https://codepen.io/value32/pen/ExKbZmN
  5. Hi there, I successfully modified Blake's Pen "Draggable Auto-Slider" https://codepen.io/osublake/pen/veyxyQ to be more responsive to fast touch gestures like provided in the swiper framework. when i tried to update everything to gsap3 the code breaks without error messages. Would someone be able to point out where I did wrong? thanks so much in advance! best
  6. Dear GSAP Team I am working on a card animation like this one on https://stripe.com/de/payments with two moving cards beneath the active card. I managed to cycle through 3 decoy cards which grow bigger and change color. On the last animation step there is an onComplete callback which sets the card back "beneath every other cards" after it fades into the void. from there this card is being animated with ".to" again through each step. Everything is fine except now I have to be able to make the cards clickable with a next button. The decoy animation breaks obviously when the onComplete-Callback isn't triggered (which happens if i click too fast). So my questions is – how would the best practice look like? am I on the right path cycling decoy cards through animation steps? Do I only need to create a "4th invisible step" so that I am not bound to use the OnComplete-Callback? Somehow I have difficulties to do that 😕Would the animation work even if i click faster than the duration of the single steps? (I assume so?). I also looked into https://greensock.com/docs/v2/Plugins/ModifiersPlugin but I couldn't figure out to use it correctly with gsap3 nor am I experienced enough to learn/understand this on the fly. I would love to provide a codepen but i am in the middle of the project. I saw that stripe also uses 4 decoy cards. Any help is much appreciated!
  7. could somebody explain to me why this is working (in firefox)? these are svg polygons, so firefox-transform-origin: center seems to work in certain cases? http://codepen.io/grayghostvisuals/pen/RNLgJP weeird