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  1. Wanted to document this in the event that someone comes searching. I was injecting an Illustrator SVG into the DOM via JavaScript, and the animation for polylines would get to about 80%, and then immediately jump to 100%. After playing w/ CSS properties, I found the root of the issue. Illustrator dumps out SVGs with a lot of linebreaks. I was escaping the carriage returns in JS like so: Removing the carriage returns smoothed things out immensely and all is good in the world.
  2. Not at the present... I did find a script that allows you to edit frames like Flash in AE: https://forums.creativecow.net/thread/202/875124
  3. Working on more detailed instructions / screencast. For the time being, refer to: https://github.com/Meandmybadself/AfterMax#usage
  4. Absolutely. We're on the same page. Will update via this thread when there's a little more substance (screencast + examples) behind the plugin.
  5. After a lot of back & forth regarding animation on a current project, I whipped up an export script to translate After Effects CC compositions into TweenMax/TimelineMax documents. I'll be adding more documentation & examples, but if you'd like to give it a try, you can find the script at: https://github.com/Meandmybadself/AfterMax