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  1. <off topic> i see all these wunderful banners and I'm still stuck on gwd...(I'm a designer and newbie coder) does anybody have a step-to-step plan to archive banners like this..? I know that it is build with index.hmtl / js / css...but I'm coming nowhere ;-(
  2. Hello, i'd like to use html5/gsap banners on our wordpress site. I thought i could do that with an iframe...but our web builder don't like frames because the security, seo and slowing up the site. strange because a hmtl5 isn't that heavy,.. i had contact with carl, which used screen flow to convert it to a mp4 or .gif but i think those options are heavier.. he sad, put it on the greenback forum, maybe someone has the solution how do you use these banners on a website? grt
  3. Thanks, this works i thought that i did a years ago with dropbox...sad enough not anymore.. is there a free image upload site?
  4. i have this image on my dropbox, but it wont paste https://www.dropbox.com/s/amtloszemso7fk2/image300250.jpg?dl=0 .a { transform: rotateY(0deg) translateZ(150px); background-image: url(https://www.dropbox.com/s/amtloszemso7fk2/image300250.jpg?dl=0); }
  5. hello, i've tried to change this images, but when i do, i lose the form. i have this picture, just for the example https://www.dropbox.com/s/9pqyrw3ctdfncev/image200228.jpg?dl=0
  6. But i like to put in images on the position image/ picture /photo /logo I've tried a lot..with background-image / opacity of the background color / in css and in html...but it wont suceed ;-( does anybody has a suggestion?
  7. Thanks, this looks clear. In the .html i see one other "var" I can put it beneath that.. but it also has to link to the text element.. For as I can see is the text format in this line .gwd-span-1rau { font-weight: 600; opacity: 0; transform: translate3d(-2px, 19px, 0px); font-size: 24px; I think the numChars must connect to this <span>, don't know how to do that .. ;-( sorry, ( i understand that this forum isn't a html course..but I'm trying to learn it When I see al the codepens in this forum, its always: 1x .css, 1x .js and 1 x .html GWD made several .css and .js and 1 .html see screenshot maybe that all .css can also be in 1x .css, and is it just the workflow of GWD this is a folder of the output of GWD, maybe someone can have a look...how it works, I can't imagine that no-one in the banner business isn't working with GWD (although It isn't a great program) Probably there are chances for GSAP? https://www.dropbox.com/s/m9gynwfoaw8kgq9/seats_and_sofas_dynamic_970x250_variant_2.zip?dl=0
  8. Thanks! i notice it just before launch, I'm dutch Bonne Annéé
  9. Hello Zach, thanks ( sorry for my English and newbie coding words ;-( Most of you...work in codepen...makes it much easier to share it. I've once made some basic banners with it.. programs as Edge, Animate, GWD make it for a newbie in code easier to get a view (wysiwyg) Maybe I can try to make a template in codepen, with the same result, I believe that it is possible to link codepen on a database to get images/text and import it in the banner. Google double-click studio advise only the GWD workflow and I am not sure if the output from GWD will be the same as Codepen.. I do these GSAP study in my free time...so my study hours are minimal... (however my target is to do it all in code with GSAP, the way things are animate with it are more than great) My target for now is to get dynamic text in my banners.. I have space for 2 lines of 10-12 letters.. for example MANY COUCHES, MANY COLORS, but when I want the use only the word SALE, I will like to increase the size of this word in code.. ( I prefer In code, because I must make something like 20 banners each week, and in code is easier then in the program itself ) To finish my goal, I can add some GSAP code to the GWD doc...this works, I did some small things with it..but not with text feed from a database or Try to make it in codepen...it is a 300x250 doc with 2 or 3 pictures, a few headers and some prices. maybe someone has a template for something like it..so I can change the images and text and from there work it out but for both things the goal will be import text from a excel..I don't know if there a specific word for it...I think dynamic feed or something. I can't imagine, that no ones have used it before.. grt
  10. Hello, Ik make weekly banners for our furniture company ( in 4 languages), I visit this forum before, and made me help in further steps. I used to make them in indesign (static) and later with animation in hype, AdobeEdge, AdobeAnimate, but now I make them in GWD..in GWD I position the items, and the images/text comes from the feed out of the database . which look like this for a couch: DRM_Asset:Seats and Sofas/Week 52/pancho_970x250_int.jpg (everything works with DV360 Double Click Studio by Google) Thanks to this forum, I can now change some input and transformations with GSAP, this looks much smoother then the formation by GWD. But still I am stuck with the text formatting of GWD....I can use all the Google fonts (which is okay not great) -some weeks we have a SALE but other weeks we have for example MANY COUCHES in MANY COLOURS (more letters) with the format of GWD is the type of letter and the size of it, always the some, so sometimes it looks empty and other times too much. I would prefer to make it in code, so getting the text input by the database, and with code to transform it and animate it by GSAP. I'm following the GSAP 3 years, but I'm still a newbie, maybe someone has an example where I can learn from,...? Before I forget, everyone the best wishes and a GSAP NEW YEAR! (sorry, I don't have a codepen...everything goes in the cloud...upload txt, images and code...and then the banner will goes online..) this is the preview: https://www.google.com/doubleclick/preview/dynamic/previewsheet/COjA_wQQue3jBBjAmdMcIIibEw and i upload a txt.doc for the code, but this is mayor by GWD....(I have an other doc with more gsap, but I will/must begin with the original GWD doc) Grt GWD example.txt
  11. thanks again,.. I've changed all the <span> with <p> and did a preview in gwd, everything still works, even when I do gsap on a <p> it WORKED!! YEAHOO! thank you all
  12. Okay....could i Change <span> in to <p> without losing the feed input? i would like to delete all the gwd timeline animations into gsap but stopped when the <span> didn’t work
  13. Sorry somnamblst. I didn't get everything ( as a newbie) what I understand is that the "google" studio got a good chat to help me. that's nice and will be helpful..which I will try next week..the partner of the company is on holiday the company which made these banners did everything in gwd, me as a designer want to have more tools to make the banners nicer, better, smoother with also the possibility to change the ads frequenter. Thats why I want to change all the animations with gsap instead of animation in the timeline. I don't understand this (sorry, is my failure..) Edited to add, you definitely use HTML tags in your feed columns that are for copy. GSAP in the gwd banner works in the preview of gwd. I don't know if its works when we export it to google studio..(I hope) the text in the banners are feed by a database, that's why I think it works with <span> this feed must be kept, otherwise we have to much work every week, every week the offers changing.. the images I can animate by gsap but when I use the same gsap animation for the <span> it won't work Thanks everyone which are helping me.. I'm trying to get into the gsap world...( I had it work on Adobe animatie...after that in Tumult Hype (all without feed) ...but now we are over to gwd with feed and I'm hoping it will work...this would be a game changer for me and the work I Believe it would work...
  14. I published it now, in a zip...its that enough? https://we.tl/t-xApbIa2HaK I didn't animate the <span> because it didn't work the gsap with the images worked...and I did the same for the <span> without result as you can see...I'm still a newbie trying to get into the code world
  15. hello, thanks...I think this is a gwd question, but maybe someone know if its possible or not.. below this you can see a txt doc with the code gwd.txt