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  1. if you click on the text "designer" and "programmer" on the following page - http://desimer.com/ you can see the dangling effect with texts, and i am curious if it's possible to achieve the same effect using greenock? anyone?
  2. http://lifeto.dothome.co.kr/xe/page_FIsv96 on the page above, if you click on the 'click me' button, a board pops up and basically I want '.board_contents' layer come down from the top when i click on the titles. in this case, clicking on the title( the numbers 1,2,3) doesn't work because it is iframed, and cannot send data to the parent window. im afraid i cannot test my codes using codepen, because there has to be an iframe to test what i want to achieve, but I put everything in the codepen below except for the button inside an iframe. if anyone requires my further dedicat
  3. Thanks for the reply. but I do not know how to apply parent.document to the current coding of mine. jQuery('.open_contents').click(function() { TweenMax.to(".board_contents",parent.document, 0.5, {opacity:1, top:200, ease:Bounce.easeOut}); }) obviously this doesn't work, can you give me the specific code I can use? Sorry, my understanding of jquery and greensock is very limited.
  4. when i was trying to create a website that uses jquery to link numerous iframes, jQuery('.open_contents').click(function() { jQuery('.board_contents').addClass('slideIn'); }) I found out that iframe cannot communicate with the parent window, and i was able to solve the problem with the following code by adding 'top.document' jQuery('.open_contents').click(function() { jQuery('.board_contents', top.document).addClass('slideIn'); }) but simply addingclass or togglingclass was not good enough for creating the animation that i wanted, so i moved onto Greensock. the question is how do i