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  1. thnk you - I got it working //// please refactor me function escHover() { var fadeIn = $('.filter-fade-img'); var hoverBtn = $('.filter-hover'); TweenLite.set(fadeIn, { opacity: 0, y: '50px', ease: Back.easeOut }) hoverBtn.on('mouseenter', function(e) { var fadeIn = $(this).attr('data-filter'); var fadeIn = $('#' + fadeIn).find('.filter-fade-img'); console.log(fadeIn); TweenMax.to('.js-filter-esc-dormant', 0.1, { y: '0', opacity: 0 }, 0.1, "+=0.1"); TweenMax.staggerTo(fadeIn, 0.5, {
  2. I am using gsap to play a little animation. It is the same animation for different hovers. I am trying to tie the animation so that it runs on a specific hover only. So when I hover over data-filter="one" the animation only runs on li id-one" You need to scroll down the codepen to see what I am getting at Many thanks to all help - greatly appreciated