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  1. Awesome direction here, Thanks again!
  2. Hello, Im looking to recreate this wavey line animation using GSAP but having a bit of trouble with the approach. I figured there might be some related posts someone could point me in the direction of? I initially thought of morphing the state but wasn't the correct effect. Maybe clipping / draw SVG? Not sure... #heylp https://codepen.io/moonshine42tech/pen/GaNPVx?editors=0010 Thanks so much for taking a look!
  3. Thank you for both pieces of insight!
  4. Hello! I am working to reveal this shape/outline via a mask ...specifically the rectangle shape, as it animates via motionPath the shape should reveal. This pen is set up to show the rectangle animating along its path (.path2) successfully, but when I place it within a mask ("theSquare"), motionPath breaks. Commenting in <defs> and <mask> within the linked pen will replicate the error. Can you help me understand why this is happening? Thank You!