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  1. Thanks Jack and Zach Yes I have MotionPathPlugin working fine on <canvas>. Pity the MotionPathHelper doesn't work in <canvas> as it looks a really useful tool. Loving all the new GSAP3 stuff, cheers
  2. Hi Am trying to get the new MotionPathHelper plugin to work within a canvas when animating a sprite placed on the stage using the Pixi.js Renderer.CreateSprite method but get this error whenever I attempt to use it: Javascript error: Uncaught TypeError: t.getBoundingClientRect is not a function on line 10 for ......../MotionPathHelper.min.js If Anyone have any ideas it would be much appreciated. Here is my code: gsap.to(this.ButtonSprite, { motionPath:{path:[{x:100, y:100}, {x:300, y:-100}, {x:-300, y:0}]},duration: 2, delay:1.5, onUpdate:UpdateStage}); MotionPathHelper.create( this.ButtonSprite );