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  1. @elegantseagulls thanks again! neuhaus3000
  2. Hello @elegantseagulls I want to : make the black section pined (stop) when we arrive (if possible). Because I will have several sections before (blues sections). scroll the images vertically when finished, scoll the logos (horizontally) when finished, continue scrolling the page. I hope I'm clear... Thanks again for your help ! Much appreciated ! neuhaus3000
  3. Hey Guys, I read the doc... Unfortunatly, I'm not finding my error for .sticky section to pin. Any help would be greatly appreciated. https://codepen.io/neuhaus3000/pen/VwLEJyr Thanks! neuhaus3000
  4. @elegantseagulls Sorry... I'm not an expert with JS. I have added two seperate animations into it's own timline. added the scrollTL But I'm not getting the proper effect. If you have a moment... Thanks! neuhaus3000
  5. @elegantseagulls I'll take a look, thanks...
  6. @elegantseagulls ... Hummm... Did nothing for me. Am I adding it to the right place? Sorry about this... thanks!
  7. @elegantseagulls I don't see the difference with the new js. Can you see what I'm doing wrong? Thanks alot for your collaboration! neuhaus3000
  8. @elegantseagulls ... I'll take a look, thanks again for the info ! neuhaus3000
  9. Ok... Geeze... Simpler with Gsap indeed ! https://codepen.io/neuhaus3000/pen/ZEGqxoW Questions: Is there a way to pin the black section? So the animation starts only when we arrive on it? Because when the window is less high, the animation is too fast. Thanks!
  10. Hello everyone! Sorry to post several messages for the same questions. I know that this forum doesn't support ScrollMagic and this is the reason why I'm seaking your help. I want to create what you see in the CodePen URL (deleted from this post) but entirely with GSAP. Pin a section (I don't want it to shift left though) Scroll images vertically with the scrollbar (parallax) When finished, scroll logos horizontally to the left of the screen. Any ideas will be appreciated! Sorry again for the multiple messages. Thanks! neuhaus3000
  11. Or course, I'm reading the doc as we speak... Cheers! neuhaus3000