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  1. GRAY GHOST's post in Safari Transform Origin & Scaling Blues was marked as the answer   
    Hey Jack,
    I found my issue. I was setting transform: scale(0) in CSS when I should be using a different approach.
    To explain: I was scaling down in my CSS to alleviate the flash of the graphic when the browser initially loads, but I fixed my concern by using this approach:
    #svg-target { visibility: hidden; } TweenMax.set(svg_target, { scale: 0, transformOrigin: 'bottom center', visibility: 'visible' }); TweenMax.to(svg_target, 1, { scale: 1 });
  2. GRAY GHOST's post in Control Pause Based on Bézier Coordinates was marked as the answer   
    @Carl. Appreciate that Carl. Thanks for jumping in, but I think I was finally able to figure it out tinkering with demo code Blake posted in another thread.
    @Blake Thanks for that example. Let me know what you think of this solution below since you will recognize the code better. This starts at line 301 in the demo. Essentially as the cycle of an orb finishes it's bezier path it fires the wave signal to the brain using the onComplete event handler. Seems to be doing the job.
    tl.to(node, config.duration, { bezier: { type: 'thru', values: config.bezier }, onComplete: function() { fire(); }, ease: Linear.easeInOut });
  3. GRAY GHOST's post in Draggable Off Canvas Menu was marked as the answer   
    Fixed \m/
    <a href="#menu" class="menu-toggle" onclick="event.preventDefault()" data-clickable="false">Menu</a> if (event.target.hash && event.target.hash !== '#menu') { return; } else { aria('aria-hidden'); clickit.call(this); }