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  1. Yes, with the preview 1.15.2 everything is ok.
  2. I guess it is the same problem... In version 1.15.0, no problem: http://codepen.io/angel-teran/pen/NPwjwm In version 1.15.1, -webkit properties remain after finishing the tween: http://codepen.io/angel-teran/pen/zxPwdB
  3. Thank you very much Diaco.AW!, parseFloat() solves my problem very well
  4. Hi guys! Thank you very much for keeping an eye on my problem. I'm using toFixed(x) function of Number to truncate a decimal number and sometimes leaves zeros on the right. Your library is awesome, thank you very much for your work.
  5. Hi Jonathan, thank you very much for your quick response! But the problem doesn't seem to be resolved. The first part of the animation is successful (width: 50.5%), but the latter does not (width: 50.50%), the only difference is a 0 at the end of the value. I think that is a correct value which should not cause problems.
  6. When you animate the width of an element expressed as a percentage fractions with zeros to the right, the animation is not performed correctly.
  7. Hi Diaco.AW, Thanks for your response ...but, check out this: http://codepen.io/angel-teran/pen/dPpYqw
  8. Hi Diaco.AW , That's not entirely true, when the order of the classes doesn't match it does not work. But I think that should be the expected behavior and I hope they include it soon.