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  1. Thank you! I updated the codepen example. If the label is bigger, the draggable doesn't work. Can you fix this issue? Thank you!
  2. I'm trying to create a draggable slideshow with checkboxes inside. It seems that the event is not propagated if a Draggable is created (as you can see in the codepen example). Can somebody help me with this issue?
  3. Hi all, could you please update the documentation (https://greensock.com/docs/Plugins/ScrollToPlugin), saying that scrollTo also supports DOM elements as parameters? It just lists selectors and numbers
  4. OK, I won't consider the following words Thanks!
  5. Thanks a lot! There is no hurry, my project (cappellini.it, and its siblings Poltrona Frau and Cassina) won't be online within two weeks, and npm will take care of updating the libraries Just a last question: what may the collateral effect be in using allowContextMenu:true?
  6. Hi! Sooo.... Looks OK on either on Chrome, Firefox, IE11 and Edge! allowContextMenu:true is still a mandatory parameter, but this is a good compromise Sidenotes: on Windows you can drag with right mouse button and looks like that on MacOS you can't. also on Mac, when allowContextMenu===false, it still attempts to open the link Thanks again for your assistance! Are you going to release the amend?
  7. Hi again! Looks like that allowNativeTouchScrolling:false solves the trouble! Sorry for the misunderstanding: I was somehow confused by documentation: Thanks again, have a nice day Massi
  8. Oh, yes, I know it's like hell That's why we worship your work Bad news on this topic: I injected the new script in the same pen (with new URL) and it still attempts to open a new tab, either on Chrome, Firefox, IE11 and Edge on Win 10
  9. Thanks @GreenSock no problem for the "latest" trouble As of allowNativeTouchScrolling, I considered the option and probably also tested it (I don't remember and now I can't test easily since I'm from a mobile), but isn't it meant for scrolling on draggable's perpendicular direction?
  10. Hi @Sahil, I'm astonished, since I didn't expect latest versions from the CDN to be that old https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/gsap/latest/TweenMax.min.js there must be a problem in cdnjs configuration, @GreenSock However, your pen doesn't work as well: I created that one by adapting a pen from another forum post, but I'm using the latest version in my local environment. Thanks for the notification! I also updated my pen, also adding ThrowProps from the links you reported.
  11. Hi all, I'm attempting to create a vertical draggable with for a "fashionable" effect, an everything works as expected on Android, but not on iOS. On Android, the page doesn't scroll when I swipe up on the draggable, and scrolls only when I tap outside of it. On iOS, bot IPhone and iPad, looks like the page has a priority on the draggable (or the swipe event "bubbles" from the draggable), thus the draggable stays almost in the same position, and the page scrolls. In this pen, the gray draggable scrolls into the black box, and overflows it for a maximum of half of the draggable height. How can I get the same behavior on the platforms? Thanks in advance! (It's better to test the pen in full page mode: https://codepen.io/massic80/full/qYbpOL)
  12. Hi, thanks for the suggestion. I saw that post and tested the same parameter, but it's not enough. On my side, right-clicking "Test Link" in your pen opens the context menu but doesn't prevent the link to "work" (the popup blocker prevents the new tab from opening, when not disabled). However, even if it worked - having a different behavior between iOS and Windows doesn't keep me relaxed - a right mouse click should open a context menu or do nothing, not do the same of left click - allowcontextmenu : true isn't a recommended configuration (citing Jack from your post: The context menu would actually cause problems in several scenarios (like long-taps on mobile devices, etc.) In my opinion, there is something to tune up.
  13. Hi Carl, thanks for the quick response! Actually, I didn't check on a Mac: I just did and it behaves the same of yours. Unfortunately, on different Windows 10 machines, with both Chrome and Firefox, the link redirected to a blank box. I just modified the link, adding a target="_blank" attribute, and now the right click opens a new tab with Google.
  14. HI all, I just noticed that setting dragClickables to true allows to drag the <a> tags, but when the user attempts to right-click them they work just like they were left-clicked, and he is redirected. I updated @crabcreative's Pen with the parameter. Is there any built-in workaround for this?
  15. As of today, the JPG needs a password and can't be loaded
  16. Hi, I wanted to update the progress of a tween on the basis of draggable position; I was wondering if there was a built-in event for both drag and throwUpdate, or if I had to use both of them with the same function call.
  17. Ouch, interpolation is the only area where I didn't dare to work Thanks a lot! Still staring at your interpolation magic! Massi
  18. Great example! Math behind "interpolate" and "tangent" functions isn't very immediate, since it merges several points: could you please help me out? I'm using it and trying to invert the direction of the waves, but while in previous examples setting var norm = 1- i / segments rather than var norm = i / segments does the trick, in this case it doesn't work. It's probably due to the tangent or interpolation Massi
  19. Works like a charm Thanks for the quick job! Massi P.S.: sorry for answering this late
  20. Hi Carl, looks like there still is a trouble with "type:chars" splits, as you can see in http://greensock.com/forums/topic/10821-bug-ltbrgt-turns-into-ltbr-when-using-splittext/ The strange fact is that the < is changed to {{LT}} both in case we use "<" rather than < or <, but the ">" remains unchanged.
  21. Hi Jack, thank you but I can't see it working in my codpen, which one do you refer to? I would like to have it before the next release if possibile. Thank you very much Jacopo
  22. Hi to all, for a project we need to use the ScrambleTextPlugin with a svg text but it does not work with Internet Explorer. To get it work we changed innerHTML in TextContent, but I think you can get something better Thank for your support Jacopo