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  1. I'm a bit puzzled by the Draggable update function https://greensock.com/docs/v3/Plugins/Draggable/update(). It doesn't seem to do anything, even in Blake's demo https://codepen.io/osublake/pen/JBwxjr Commenting out this.update() still works. In my added Codepen I change the position of a draggable in 3 different ways, and either update is not needed, or it doesn't help.
  2. OK, thanks. I will stop worrying about it then
  3. Thanks Zach, I've added a test case to my post above. Only on Intuos P and Intuos PT I've noticed this problem (I have no other tablets). Mouse and touchpad are OK. I suspect there's something wrong with Windows Ink. But that may be because I don't really know what Ink is, or why we need it. What I see is that the draggable is picked up, but only updated once or twice per second (irregular) and it doesn't get released when I lift my pen.
  4. Problem: Using a Wacom Intuos tablet on Windows 10, GSAP's Draggable doesn't pick up the dragged element correctly, or doesn't drop it when you end the drag. I found the problem can be solved by (weird) settings on my machine, still I wonder if there's a fix for the plugin, as people might visit my web page with the wrong Windows Settings? I wrote a reminder post for the solution and comparison with drag libraries, if you like. Thanks
  5. The minimumMovement property to configure a Draggable can actually be a float. The docs say it's integer. This is good to know if you are dragging elements of an SVG element of just a few units high/wide.
  6. Thank you Diaco for the prompt reply. Sorry for the overload of context. Well, you solved it! Great I never thought of using TweenMax, since I wasn't tweening. I'll need to have a closer look on what TweenMax actually is.
  7. Hello GreenSocks, I cannot get syncing / resetting a draggable to work. Please, see my pen. The red dot is a (Draggable) slider. When user changes number of control points, I remove the transform on the target and call Draggable.update(). But unfortunately, the x property remains the same. Would be great if you could have a look at it! Roelof potatoDie
  8. You are right, it's all there. I just missed it (expecting the events after the lists of properties and methods I suppose). Thanks a lot!
  9. Thank you! Unfortunately I still cannot find the events in the docs, sorry. (But it's clear now.) Would it be alright to use throwProps on Codepen for non-members? Yes, Carl, I'm much honoured by your fork of the Manhattan kaleidoscope! Would make sense to use GSAP draggable I think, especially since it handles touch events too!
  10. Hi, I'd like to replace jQuery's draggable by GreenSock Draggable (possibly with throwprops), but it seems it doesn't have a on-drag-event. Is that right? BTW, I would like it very much if the documentation of the utilities mentions dependencies.
  11. Thank you Carl and Diaco. That's perfect. Thanks also for the links!
  12. Hi all, It seems the default value for transformOrigin has changed (but not the documentation). It broke some of my older animations that expected the origin in the center. While TweenMax 1.11.8 was fine, my animated bicycle was shattered all over the screen with version 1.15 (or gsap/latest). I thought I'd let you know