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  1. @mikel Thanks for the help, one more thing if you don't mind, is there a way to control the pace of the animation using mouse wheel scroll? I believe gsap recently launched a new plugin but not sure if it can be combined with DrawSVG.
  2. I think I've somewhat did it with var line1 = MotionPathPlugin.convertToPath("#line1", false); gsap.to("#dot", { duration: 2, ease: "linear", motionPath:{ path: line1[0], align: "#line1", //autoRotate: true, alignOrigin: [0.5, 0.5], offsetX: 138, offsetY: 0 } }); but it requires offsetX and Y, I thought that it would align out of the box, is there something wrong with what I'm doing?
  3. I'm trying to combine MotionPath with DrawSVG in the sense that I have a div that I want it to be placed on the tip where the svg path is drawing (like the div is drawing the lines. Is this possible? thanks in advance!
  4. Hello, I have a tween that appears on click of an object fades in and starts to rotate infinitely with repeat = -1. When I kill that tween and then re-click the object and and the tween re-starts it adds to the duration from the previous tween, so everytime I click and it begins to rotate its duration += previous-duration+duration Code that fades in and starts to rotate object TweenMax.to([".planet1UI>img"], 0.8, { autoAlpha: 1, delay: 1.5, onComplete: function() { TweenMax.to(".planet1UI>img", 4, { rotation: 360, e